March 29, 2023
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[Evaluation]ROG Phone 6 Batman Special Edition shape and feel accessories out of the box evaluation

Recently, a set of Batman movies cannot be broadcast publicly, and it is indeed very noisy. Not being able to revisit the old works is naturally a bit disappointing for Batman fans, but in fact, to show your love for Batman, you don’t have to look at the old works. ROG recently launched the Batman Special Edition of ROG Phone 6, which is indeed a must-have for Batman supporters. Edward filmed the unboxing of this special edition a while back, so I’ll share it with you now.

ROG Phone 6 Batman Special Edition Straight Out of the Box

Before introducing the phone, let me give you an unboxing of the ROG Phone 6 Batman Special Edition.


▲ This is the box of ROG’s latest Phone 6 Batman special edition.

DSC03130 DSC03133

▲The box is printed with the logo of Batman, as well as the logo of Warner Bros. and DC. It is indeed an officially authorized mobile phone.

DSC03135 DSC03136

▲The black styrofoam box is embossed with the words “For Those Who Dare, And Speed”.

DSC03131 DSC03132

▲Open the two buttons on the top of the box to open the box.


▲After opening the box, you will see the ROG logo.


▲ Then you can also see all the accessories included in the box.

DSC03139 DSC03141

▲ First of all, you can see the real body of the ROG Phone 6 Batman Special Edition, and then you will see the USB-C cable that comes with it.

DSC03149 DSC03150

▲The included charging fire bull is printed with the words ROG and the logo.


▲ The charging Fire Bull supports 65W voltage output, in other words, it can also quickly charge the ROG Phone 6 Batman Special Edition.


▲ One of the special accessories included in the box is this “Batman Signal Projector”.


▲After connecting the power supply, you can project two different Batman logos on the white wall.

DSC03146 DSC03147

▲ The effect of projection is also very good.


▲ These two are the last two accessories included with the Batman Special Edition, both of which are very special.

DSC03153 DSC03154

▲First of all, this Batman SIM card slot take-out needle not only adopts the classic design of Batman, but also the needle holder is also convenient for users to collect the SIM card box needle and is not easy to lose.


▲ Another special accessory is this Batman special edition phone case.

DSC03156 DSC03157

▲In particular, not only is the Batman logo printed on the outside of the case, but also the appearance of Batman inside the case, and the black protective case with the gray-black body of the mobile phone is indeed very stylish.


▲After unpacking, turn it on, and introduce the design of the machine.

Phone 6D shape configuration + full of Batman elements

The Phone 6 Batman Special Edition launched by ROG this time adopts the design of ROG Phone 6D in terms of appearance and hardware configuration: gray-black body, no cooling valve but back to Dare To Play lighting effect, and MTK day light effect. Ji 9000+ processor, Mali-G710 image processing chip, 12GB LPDDR5X RAM and 256GB UFS3.1 built-in storage space. However, since it is a Batman special edition, it naturally has a lot of built-in Batman elements. In addition to the accessories mentioned above, many Batman features have also been added to the mobile phone interface, animation, and sound effects. Together with the special Batman mobile phone protective case, Make the phone full of Batman style inside and out.


▲The fuselage adopts a gray-black design, which is very stylish.

DSC03171 DSC03173

▲ The Dare To Play lighting effect is still printed on the back of the machine, and the RGB lighting effect of Batman is also seen.


▲The back of the machine is still made of tempered glass with frosted process, and it feels very good.

DSC03176 DSC03178

▲One-handed control is still not difficult, but the fuselage is still heavy, and it will still be easy to get tired after playing with one hand for a long time.

DSC03163 DSC03164

▲ Turn on the power of the mobile phone, you can see that both the screen lock interface and the main interface also adopt the design related to Batman.

DSC03162 DSC03167 DSC03166

▲In addition, whether it is the Always-On Display interface, the interface when connecting the Fire Bull to charge, and the interface when there is a call, it is also full of Batman elements.


▲ The catalogue is also highly technological.


▲ Even the clock interface is very stylish.


▲In terms of hardware configuration, the ROG Phone 6 Batman Special Edition has built-in MTK Dimensity 9000+ processor, Mali-G710 image processing chip, 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB UFS3.1 built-in storage space.

Summary: Batman fans must grab the phone

The Phone 6 Batman Special Edition launched by ROG this time is full of Batman elements from the packaging box, mobile phone design to the inner interface, although in this ROG Phone 6 series, this Batman Special Edition is not the top. Configuration, but the overall performance is still very good, especially the design is very stylish, even if you are not a Batman fan, it is very stylish to start using; if you are a Batman fan, then this ROG Phone 6 Batman Special Edition is even more a must-get thing.


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