March 30, 2023
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[Evaluation]PS5 “The DioField Chronicle” is not as king as expected-Hong Kong

SQUARE ENIX has too many fun RPG works. The recently launched “The DioField Chronicle” feels like a “kingdom”, with a strong European style, and it calls itself “real-time combat”, but it is almost impossible to play. Could be a good new IP.

epic background show

The whole art style of “The DioField Chronicle” is very European, and the character portraits are also full of art. The background of the game is inseparable from the epic multi-country confrontation, grievance and hatred, which is very “kingdom” (or old-fashioned) ) RPG game background, in addition to swords and shadows, there are also elements of magic warfare. However, there is still room for improvement in the performance of the game story. A lot of time is used to introduce the world view and the background of important characters with the narration of the film. After everyone joined the mercenary group of the main line, the performance explanation also appeared fragmented and hastily, which made players Not easy to get into.

0929 DFC15

0929 DFC13

Real-time combat is different from imagination

The game is a strategy simulation RPG. Players need to take on different tasks at the stronghold. The bird’s-eye view of the battlefield map can be freely zoomed, which is completely different from the HD2D style often used by the same factory recently, and you can also feel the modeling texture of the map. However, the proportions of characters and maps are not consistent, similar to the feeling of war chess. Use the hand control on the game console, click on the unit to issue an order, the game will pause at this time, the player can fully consider the battle situation, and the character will execute an attack or cast a skill, so strictly speaking, it can be described as “semi-instant”. Since I didn’t try the trial version that was launched earlier, maybe my expectations were a little too high. However, the hand-operated operation, this design is also understandable, making it easier for players to grasp the battle situation. The game also provides easy difficulty, which is easy to learn.

0929 DFC05

0929 DFC17

0929 DFC18

0929 DFC08

0929 DFC09

Heavy walking and effective range

The game’s combat units are divided into 4 categories, including: infantry (tanks), cavalry, snipers (archers), and magic guards (mages). There are not many categories, and of course they also have the attribute of mutual restraint. Players are required to rush into the formation and then output, while the troops The leader of the team also has skills that can be used. Generally, focus on fire first, and repeat it after the skill CD is finished. Most of the main battles are to lure the enemy into the depths and defeat them one by one. It is safest.

0929 DFC20

0929 DFC22

0929 DFC24

0929 DFC25

With the different mission requirements, players must also recognize the order of enemy threats to deal with. In the game, there will be the concept of “direction” in traditional war chess games. The enemy’s back is more painful, and the coverage of movement and range skills should be paid more attention. In addition, there is also a summoning beast skill “Magic Jade” in the “FF” series. It is necessary to destroy the enemy’s charge before launching an action range attack or replenishing blood, etc. Most of them are accumulated in the middle and later stages of the task and used according to the situation, different from “Magic Jade” Requires material development through side quests.

0929 DFC29

0929 DFC28

0929 DFC27

Everything but not compact

Although it sounds good, I feel that its system is actually very simple during the game, with little changes, and even no terrain factors, only a few map organs can be used. The character at the base is to change weapons and upgrade skills, etc. In fact, you can choose the menu instead of walking around, and the NPC interaction is also very limited, just to show the detailed picture quality of the game, after all, it also uses “Unreal Engine”, the PS5 version can choose 4K painting Quality/performance takes priority, but gameplay must also be closely integrated. From some perspectives, I feel that it is just better than mobile games, but the 3D part is much more gorgeous, and every brick and tile on the map can be clearly seen.

0929 DFC30jpg

Game Name: The DioField Chronicle
Game Category: Strategy Simulation RPG
Platform: PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S/Steam
Launch Date: September 22, 2022
Price: HK$479
Subtitle language: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English
© 2022 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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