May 28, 2023
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[Evaluation]PS5/PS4 “Evil West” Western Cowboy God of War + refreshing combo punches to the flesh

Recently, I believe that if you are playing Playstation, the topic will revolve around the recently launched“God of War Ragnarök”with andCall of Duty Modern Warfare II. However, a game that looks like a dark horse came out recently, a refreshing action game “Evil West” (also translated: Western Devils) launched by the game developer of Flying Wild Hog. Although the promotional video has a very smooth plot and fighting, And it mixes the two themes of western cowboys and vampires and demons. “Evil West” was officially released on November 22, and it was released on Playstation, XBOX and PC at the same time.

evil west 00

▲Game title

evil west 01

▲The explosive opening

Under the attack of vampires, carry out revenge plans at all costs

The story of “Evil West” is set in the frontier area of ​​the western United States. Players have to play the role of a widely respected vampire hunter who survived the sudden attack of vampires during an organization meeting. Players have to face the constantly mutating vampires , but also to find various ways to deal with the vampire king. Although becoming stronger and stronger during the expedition, the protagonist can only endure everything and wait for the opportunity to fight back with the companions, friends, and even family members around him. Players need to walk through different places, such as unprotected mountains, uninhabited abandoned villages, and poisonous swamps, to eliminate all vampires and restore peace.

evil west 02

▲Deep into the realm of vampires

evil west 05

▲The handguard has become the biggest weapon this time

evil west 03

▲ Various strange vampires

evil west 04

▲The confession of the vampire leader

All kinds of realistic and moving scenes are like the appearance of the movie

In “Evil West”, video cutscenes will be used. Although the content of the video is not too long, the video will all use game modules. Can be more integrated into the game world of vampires. I have to say that the picture quality of the game is very good, because when exploring the scene, whether it is the explosion scene of the blazing fire, or the mysterious underground labyrinth, players can feel the excitement brought out by sight alone sense.

evil west 06

▲The scene under the dense forest

evil west 16

▲The appearance of the boss

evil west 07

▲A temple full of mystery

evil west 08

▲This is some kind of creature

evil west 17

▲Various vampire bosses

evil west 09

▲ Very tense scene

Indulge in the refreshing feeling of killing enemies at the limited level

The game “Evil West” does not limit the bleeding level of the game at all. A punch at any time will make the entire screen full of blood, and the game provides finishing moves, such as headshots, tearing parts, piercing the heart, etc., for you to experience directly in bloody ways Quickly kill the enemy. The attack methods of the game are mainly divided into close-range and long-range. There are not many combinations of close-range at the beginning, mainly melee attacks and air combat skills. There will be many special skills such as combos, counterattacks, etc. in the later stages of the game. Listen The sound of hitting the enemy knows that the punch hits the flesh. For long-range attacks, there are only revolvers at the beginning, but you can shoot at a distance from any vampire. The shooting mode can turn on the “assistant function” to help the player be more stable. Both can work together to unleash combos, bringing down enemies with faster, harder, and more direct attacks.

evil west 15

▲ Bloody vision

evil west 10

▲Even the BOSS has a special performance

evil west 11

▲The whole screen is full of blood at any time

And the game also has a “counterattack” system, whether it is a melee attack or a long-distance attack, how can you have a chance to counterattack? Enemies in the game have a preparatory action before attacking. When attacking an enemy close-up, a golden light will suddenly flash. When attacking an enemy far away, a “circle” pattern will appear. As long as you counterattack in time, in addition to considerable damage, additional energy will be added. Of course, it seems simple. As the game becomes more difficult, the enemy will react faster, and the player will get more weapons and more ways to deal with it.

evil west 29

▲ The game can get new weapons at any time

evil west 13

▲Beside the golden light, you can finish the branch

evil west 14

▲ Tips for counterattack

Strengthen weapons and skills to make operations more convenient

The game is not just about combos or long-distance cooperation. In order to preserve the freshness of the players, players will get more weapons and skills as the game progresses in “Evil West”. When leveling up, players will get a skill point, and they can allocate skill points according to their own preferences, so as to obtain more special abilities. However, it is worth noting that not every skill can be added. You must first add points from the front, and The latter skills also have super-level restrictions. It seems that players need to upgrade before they want to play unparalleled. There is a column of treasure chest patterns under the weapon, which is a powerful skill that players need to open by finding hidden treasure chests in the game.

evil west 18

▲A lot of skills

evil west 22

▲Some treasure chests will give skills

evil west 23

▲The skills of treasure chests are very good

In addition, weapons also have weapon skills for players to upgrade. To upgrade weapons, you need to get money in the game to improve. However, skills also have level restrictions. Even if you collect too much money, it is difficult to upgrade all skills at the same time. However, there is also a hidden skill on the weapon. There are only a few spoilers here. It is a very powerful and stylish electric shock system. It can only be used after unlocking with the plot. Be it hidden skills or ordinary weapon skills, as long as you upgrade, you can immediately experience the transformation of all attacks. It may not be possible to significantly increase the damage, but players will have more fun and refreshment in combos.

evil west 20

▲Electric shock technique punches to the flesh

evil west 21

▲ Upgrading skills has greater advantages

Electricity too rich exhaustion

“Evil West” can feel the electric and bright picture during the battle, and the sparks of every punch and every blow will make the picture jump. Although this is the charm of the game, it is precisely because of this that players face strong light for a long time, and their eyes will easily become tired. And whether it is on Playstation 5 or the computer version, as long as the visual picture is slightly shifted, the frames will drop and become blurred. If the player wants to avoid this situation, it is almost impossible. The moves and weapons in the later period make the player have to bear the load, and because some levels need to move a lot, although the game is smooth, the picture is very uncomfortable. Can really get sore.

evil west 24

▲Every special effect is gorgeous

evil west 25

▲The effect of mixing various special effects

evil west 26

▲Sometimes even the main character can’t be seen

evil west 27

▲Too bright and saturated picture

Oversimplified puzzle solving Repeated and repeated collection

“Evil West” will have some puzzle-solving elements. Generally speaking, there are only three ways for players to crack the level design. The first is to use the performance of weapons to destroy the blocked roads. The second is to reach different locations and turn on the lights. The three are to drag different items to open a new path. Basically, the game does not have too difficult puzzle-solving elements, many can be completed with a little detour switch, and there are destruction roads. In addition, the game provides collection elements, but there are only two kinds of files, money bags and treasure boxes. It would be very boring to hear only these three collection elements. The advantage of file collection is that it supports full voice interpretation, so you can better understand the origin of the story.

evil west 30

▲ There are icons for field damage

evil west 31

▲Explore element documents on site

evil west 32

▲Favorites with full voice

evil west 28

▲ Cart puzzle solving

evil west 36

▲Turn on the lights to solve puzzles

The money bags and treasure chests are not randomly fixed in certain positions. This collection and documents have also become one of the “achievements” (trophies) of the game. As mentioned above, money can be used to upgrade weapons, and in addition to money, treasure chests also have the opportunity to obtain appearance or special skills. Even if the machine explodes, it still cannot fully upgrade the skills. Fortunately, the game will reset the money and treasure chests, but it will take a lot of time. But it’s good that the collection mode takes a different path. In addition to the arrangement, I feel too tired. In the later stage, there are more than 30 collection places in one chapter. It may be because it is to relieve the tension of each battle, but it is more homework to collect the same things.

evil west 34

▲This kind of light is also a treasure chest

evil west 33

▲ There is no big prize but there are big prizes

evil west 35

▲Each level has documents, treasure chests and money

Summary: The combo is cool for a while, and the combo is always cool

As an action game, “Evil West” can be regarded as giving players a very smooth and exciting experience. All fighting movements are very smooth, and the picture quality and special effects have become a major selling point of the game. “Evil West” also has a lot of weapons with different functions, allowing players to play different speeds in response to the enemy in battle. However, as an action game, it does lose some elements. For example, the puzzle game is too simple, and it is coming to the last few chapters. Except for the interesting boss battle, the other level settings are relatively monotonous, only the difference in quantity. Not to mention the last chapter, just surround the player with 4 to 5 medium-sized bosses. Although the manufacturer tried its best to eliminate this problem, it tried to make different changes in the environment, such as adding thick fog or terrain damage effects, etc., and even added more cover effects. For example, in the huge rice fields, only looming enemies can be seen. However, it has extended to a bigger problem. The frame rate of the game itself is just tolerable. Although the intensity of the battle will affect the picture, but the above-mentioned field effects make people easily dizzy. Based on the above, it is impossible to give a good evaluation, but if you just want to play action games, or if you just want to play God of War, “Evil West” is still a game that can be recommended. There are also a few comments in the picture below for reference.

evil west 44

▲The battle scene is very gorgeous

evil west 41

▲Finishing technique to improve the coolness

evil west 40

▲Boss-level battles are shocking and fun

evil west 39

▲Each level has a different special environment

evil west 38

▲The cutscenes are full of cinematic feeling

evil west 43

▲The most uncomfortable level

evil west 37

▲Gold skin DLC worth $23

evil west 42

▲After passing the level, there will be NEWGAME+ mode

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