March 29, 2023
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[Evaluation]Out-of-the-box evaluation of Google Pixel Watch appearance and control experience – Hong Kong

At the Google press conference earlier, in addition to launching a new generation of flagship mobile phones Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Google also launched its first “children” smart watch, the Pixel Watch. We reviewed the Pixel 7 Pro for everyone earlier. Let Edward evaluate the performance of the Pixel Watch, the first-generation “native son” smartwatch.

Pixel Watch straight out of the box

Before I introduce you to the experience of using the Pixel Watch, let Edward give you a straight out of the box.


▲ This is Google’s latest Pixel Watch, and the packaging is as simple as the Pixel phone.


▲ The box indicates that the Wear OS operating system is used.


▲ There is also a message of cooperation with fitbit.


▲ The box also says that Pixel Watch is made in Vietnam, only the strap and charging cable are Made in China.


▲As soon as you open the lid, you will see the real Pixel Watch.


▲ The real Pixel Watch is tied to a beautifully designed paper holder, and other accessories are also placed inside.


▲ The first thing you see is the exclusive charging cable for Pixel Watch, which uses a USB-C plug.


▲Together with those already connected to the watch, there are two long straps in total.


▲ The rest are various manuals, which is the unboxing of the Google Pixel Watch.

Screenshot 20221020 190901 Screenshot 20221020 190905

▲After that, turn on the Pixel Watch power supply, and then you will see the connection prompt on the Android phone, but the user needs to install the Pixel Watch program to connect.

Screenshot 20221020 190924

▲After that, a PIN code will appear on the watch screen, and another PIN code will appear on the phone screen. If the two are the same, click Confirm to complete the connection.

Screenshot 20221020 190957

▲After that, connect the user’s Google account, confirm and click Next.


▲ When connecting, confirm the identity with the fingerprint on the mobile phone, and then add the Google account to the Pixel Watch.

Screenshot 20221020 191119 Screenshot 20221020 191159

▲After that, set the hand that wears the watch most often, and whether the crown is on the left or right. After that, users need to download the Fitbit APP to monitor their body while exercising.

Screenshot 20221020 191257 DSC03263

▲ Finally, set a password on the Pixel Watch.


▲The watch will restart after that, and the initial setting will be completed.

Fashionable and comfortable to wear

The Pixel Watch launched by Google this time has a circular design similar to a pebble in the shape of the watch body, and the diameter of the circular screen is 41mm, which is quite fashionable in design. The watch body weighs 36g without the strap, even with the attached plastic strap, it will not be too heavy, and it feels very comfortable to wear in the hand. In addition, the watch body is made of 80% recycled stainless steel and supports 5 ATM water resistance Function, even if you wear it swimming, there is no problem, and the screen is protected by 3D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 tempered glass customized for Pixel Watch. The design is very clean, and it is actually quite safe to use.

DSC03270 DSC03271

▲The body of the Pixel Watch is made of 80% recycled stainless steel. The body of the Pixel Watch adopts a pebble-shaped circular design, while the strap is made of plastic. The body of the Pixel Watch is only 36g. Very comfortable on.


▲The diameter of the surface is 41mm, and it is protected by tempered glass.


▲There is a crown rotation key on the right side of the watch body, and a quick key above it.

DSC03308 DSC03309

▲As for the replacement of the strap, you only need to press the button below the crown, and then rotate the strap to the other side of the button to remove it.


▲Although Pixel Watch is not licensed in Hong Kong, the interface language still supports Chinese (Traditional – Hong Kong).


▲Swipe left or right on the main interface to view different information through different cards and quickly use different functions.


▲As for swiping from top to bottom, you can adjust the watch settings through different shortcut keys.

Screenshot 20221020 192824

▲As for the interface, personalization can be done through the Pixel Watch APP.

Screenshot 20221020 192829 Screenshot 20221020 192840

▲It has pre-loaded a lot of interfaces for users to choose, as long as you click “Add new” after selecting, it can be synchronized to the watch screen.

Screenshot 20221020 192906

▲There are many surfaces in the collection library for everyone to choose from.

Screenshot 20221020 192857

▲Users can also fine-tune the content displayed in different interfaces, as well as the color and style of the interface.

Screenshot 20221020 192912

▲As for the information cards on the watch interface, users can also arrange the order by themselves.

Screenshot 20221020 192918 Screenshot 20221020 192924

▲ There are also many other information cards in the collection library for users to add to the watch interface as needed.

Fitbit combined ride sports monitoring function is complete

Smart watches are naturally inseparable from functions related to sports monitoring. Google Pixel Watch is no exception. It cooperates with Fitbit, a brand specializing in sports watches, and provides different sports monitoring functions with the heart rate detector in the watch. Movement such as running, cycling, swimming; quiet such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, etc., Pixel Watch can support. What’s more, the Pixel Watch comes with 6 months of Fitbit Premium service, whether it is monitoring of body indicators during exercise, body detection when sleeping, or even fall detection and emergency help functions launched next spring, all of which are available. Make everyone’s life more comfortable to use.


▲ There are different sensors in the Pixel Watch, which is convenient for users to monitor their body during exercise or in daily life.


▲Because it is combined with Fitbit, the sports functions in the watch are all written with the word Fitbit.

Screenshot 20221020 191800

▲ Of course, if you want to achieve comprehensive exercise monitoring, you need to cooperate with the Fitbit APP.

DSC03301 DSC03304

▲ Pixel Watch contains a lot of sports, and basically it has all the main sports.


▲Contains a heartbeat detection sensor, and through the heartbeat rate, you can know various physical conditions.

Daily life functions are complete and support Google Pay

In addition to various motion detection functions, Google Pixel Watch, like other smart watches, can receive push notifications, messages, etc., and can also install independent APPS in the watch. If the user starts with the 4G LTE version, it is even more optional. The mobile phone can also be connected to use when going out. Whether you want to listen to music with Spotify when you are exercising, or use Google Map for real-time navigation when you are running, or even enter Google Pay for contactless payment or use Google Assistant to query data or control your watch, there is no problem. In addition, there are also microphones and speakers on the left side of the watch body. If you start with the 4G LTE version, you can even communicate with relatives and friends directly through the watch.

Screenshot 20221020 191343

▲Users can install the APP into the Pixel Watch. If you use the 4G LTE version, you can use the APPS independently to connect to the Internet without your mobile phone and your body.


▲ There are microphone peaks and speakers on the left side of the watch. If you are using the 4G LTE version of the Pixel Watch, you can communicate with relatives and friends directly through the watch.


▲In daily use, users can browse push messages on the Pixel Watch.


▲ Press the crown to activate different APPS and functions.

DSC03288 DSC03282

▲ And through Google Pay, you can also make contactless payments directly.


▲ Of course, as Google’s “natural child” watch, it naturally supports the Hey Google voice function.

Clear display on the screen, enough power for a day

As for the user experience, I have used the Google Pixel Watch for a few days and found that the Exynos 9110 Soc and Cortex M33 auxiliary processors are built-in, and the overall operation is very smooth. No matter whether I use APPS or program switching, there is no “suffocation”. . In addition, the official said that its screen brightness can be as high as 1000 nits. I tried to browse the screen in the sun and it is quite clear. Generally, indoor use is naturally no problem. As for the power, it has a built-in 294mAh capacity battery. The official said that it can provide up to 24 hours of battery life. After daily use, the author also found that after a full charge, it can indeed be used for a full day. It is not a problem to charge once a day. . But unfortunately, to charge the Google Pixel Watch, you need to use a dedicated connector, and you can’t use a general Qi wireless charging pad like some smart watches, or even use the reverse wireless charging function on the back of the phone to charge the watch. Call back, it will be a little troublesome to use. Fortunately, its charging speed is also fast. I tried to turn on the watch when the power was only 9%, but after about 20 minutes, it was charged to 33%, and it only took about 1.5 hours to fully charge it. The recycle speed is fast. , so even if the household consumption is high, there is no need to worry about insufficient electricity.


▲ The screen of the Pixel Watch is very bright, and the content displayed on the surface can be clearly seen even in the sun.


▲The control is also very smooth, and there is no suffocation.

DSC03256 DSC03267

▲ The charging speed is also very fast. It only takes about 20 minutes to charge the watch to 24%, and it takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge it.


▲ However, to charge the Pixel Watch, you must use a dedicated charging cable, which is more troublesome to use.

Summary: Stylish-looking “children” smart watch

All in all, the Pixel Watch, the first smart watch launched by Google this time, has a very good overall user experience. It not only has a stylish design, but also feels very good to wear. The functions are also very complete, and the battery is enough to last a day. , the overall use experience is almost comparable to Apple Watch or other smart watches. However, its price is not cheap. Even the Wi-Fi version is priced at 3,680, and the 4G LTE version is priced as high as $4,180. The entry threshold is a bit high. However, this is only the price of the first parallel import. I believe that everyone will wait for a while. When the supply is sufficient, the price is expected to drop. Users who are not in a hurry may wish to start at that time, and they will play a lot more.


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