June 6, 2023
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[Evaluation]OPPO Find N2 Out-of-the-Box Evaluation of the Shape, Touch Screen, Camera Functions and Performance- Hong Kong unwire.hk

In recent years, many mobile phone brands have launched their own foldable products, and the Chinese brand OPPO is no exception. Last year, they first launched the flagship phone Find N with folding angle. At the end of this year, they made persistent efforts and launched the second generation Find N2. The design continues the thin and light style, but how does the second generation feel when using it? Let Edward test it in detail for you.

The metal frame on the back of the matte machine feels better than the previous generation

In terms of design, the appearance of Find N2 is similar to that of the previous generation Find N. It also uses tempered glass with frosted technology as the back, and the frame is made of metal materials. The body also adopts the official “golden folding ratio” “So Find N2 can be held with one hand no matter whether it is using the external screen or the internal screen. If it is used only on the external screen, one-handed control is also the easiest one among the large folding phones today.


▲This is the packaging box of Find N2 newly launched by OPPO. As you can see, it is very large, designed in a gift box, and the color used also makes people feel noble.


▲The logo of cooperation with Hasselblad “Hasselblad” is written on the box.


▲The author borrowed the 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM version, and the color is pine green. It should be noted that only the black machine is a leather version, and the green and white are made of frosted glass as the back of the machine.


▲The packaging box adopts a top-opening gift box design, and you can see the real body of Find N2 as soon as you open it.


▲Pick up the top layer and you will see the following accessories.

DSC04618 DSC04616

▲The upper and lower boxes on the right are the charging fire cow and the USB-C cable.


▲As for the black paper box on the left, it includes a protective case with the phone (the same color as the body), a screen cleaning cloth, a SIM card slot removal needle, and a bunch of manuals and other documents.


▲The protective case is made of imitation leather, which is very sincere.


▲It fits on the fuselage just right.

DSC04640 DSC04649

▲In terms of design, Find N2 still adopts the “golden folding ratio” claimed by the official, so compared with other brands of folding mobile phones on the market, the width of the body will be wider, but the height will be a lot shorter.

DSC04635 DSC04637

▲As for the back of the machine, it is made of tempered glass material, with a frosting process added, the quality of the hand is very good, and the appearance is also very beautiful, which definitely shows the sense of nobility of the flagship machine.


▲The main color of the frame is the same as that of the body, and the same metal material as the buttons is used, which is also very textured.

DSC04641 DSC04642

▲Adopting the “golden folding ratio” design, when you use the external screen, the one-handed control feels very ideal, and you can even easily press to the top of the screen.

DSC04647 DSC04648

▲In addition, the fingerprint reader is located on the right side of the fuselage. Since the fuselage is not very wide (in fact, it is similar to a normal straight phone), it is easy to use your finger to press the fingerprint to unlock whether you are using the phone with your left or right hand.


▲As for unfolding the screen, since the current generation of the body is much lighter (the principle will be explained later), it is the best one among large-screen folding phones to hold the phone with one hand, and the basic control can even be done with one hand get.


▲When holding the phone with one hand, the metal frame will not feel like a hand.


▲However, if you want to type with a large keyboard, it is still recommended to use both hands.

DSC04659 DSC04658

▲If you insist on holding the machine with one hand and typing while using the big screen, in fact, there is still a shrink button in the upper left corner of the preset keyboard, press it to shrink the keyboard, and then drag it to one side to do it When using the big screen, you can still hold the phone and type with one hand, but the author tried it, and the buttons are much thinner in this case, and it is easier to make typos.

Screenshot 2022 01 03 09 15 00 30 54fc2cf2fd6746b19178ec735703a30d

▲Although there is no licensed product, the language of Find N2 still has Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong).

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 45 47 42 b783bf344239542886fee7b48fa4b892 Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 46 17 34 b783bf344239542886fee7b48fa4b892 Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 46 22 05 b783bf344239542886fee7b48fa4b892

▲When using the external screen, the interface is similar to that of previous OPPO phones.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 45 52 39 b783bf344239542886fee7b48fa4b892 Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 46 06 54 b783bf344239542886fee7b48fa4b892 Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 46 50 48 b783bf344239542886fee7b48fa4b892

▲When using the inner screen, simply speaking, the two pages of the outer screen will be merged into one page of the inner screen, so there is no difference in the interface ranking.

New interior design further thinning

In addition, if you pay attention to the specification table, you will see that when the second generation Find N2 is folded and unfolded, the thickness is 14.6mm and 7.1-7.4mm respectively, and the weight is only 237g (glass back) / 233g (leather back). Compared with Find N, the thickness is 1.3mm thinner (when folded) / 0.6-0.9mm (when unfolded), and the weight is 38-42g lighter. This level of lightness and lightness is what I feel when I hold the real phone in my hand. owned. This is because the push-type hinge of the second generation Find N2 is replaced by materials such as aerospace-grade MIM super-tough alloy and high-strength composite carbon fiber, which reduces the volume and weight by 37% and 36% respectively, and the shaft becomes more compact. Narrow yet durable. In addition, the 64-hole screws inside the Find N2 are also made of aerospace-grade hinge alloy instead of the previous generation of steel, and the inner screen uses 3 layers of carbon fiber material as the supporting frame. This is the main reason for the substantial thinning of the Find N2 body. The reason, it can be seen that when OPPO designed the Find N2, it did spend a lot of effort to improve the user experience, which is worthy of praise.


▲In addition to the lighter and thinner fuselage than the previous generation, the push-type hinge of Find N2 has also been changed to materials such as aerospace-grade MIM super-tough alloy and high-strength composite carbon fiber, so the volume and weight are respectively reduced and reduced by 37% compared with the previous generation. % and 36%.


▲However, in terms of protection, it still does not lose to the previous generation or other folding phones on the market.

DSC04628 DSC04626

▲The weight is greatly reduced, and the body is further thinned, so that everyone feels very comfortable whether it is folded or unfolded, whether it is controlled with one hand or two hands.

DSC04654 1

▲ It is easy to hold and use with one hand like the author, not every folding mobile phone on the market can do it.

Both the inner and outer screens support 120Hz, and the creases on the inner screen are still not obvious

As for the display, the two screens of OPPO Find N2 are not too different from the previous generation. The outer screen has increased slightly from the previous generation’s 5.49 inches to the current generation’s 5.54 inches, while the inner screen still retains the size of 7.1 inches. It uses AMOLED flexible screen. It seems to be similar to the previous generation, but in fact, not only the internal screen, but also the external screen refresh rate of this generation supports up to 120Hz, so that everyone can have a smoother visual effect when using it. In addition, in terms of brightness, the general and maximum brightness of the previous generation only reached 800 nits and 1,000 nits respectively, while the outer screen and inner screen of Find N2 were further pushed up to 1,000 / 1,200 nits (typical value) and 1,350 / 1,550 nits, higher The brightness allows everyone to see the content displayed on the screen clearly even under the sun, and it will have a better effect when viewing HDR videos. During the trial, the author found that the external and internal screens of Find N2 are very high-quality The browsing experience is worthy of praise.

DSC04662 DSC04663

▲The outer screen of Find N2 is slightly larger than the previous generation, with a size of 5.54 inches, and the edge adopts a slightly curved design, and the screen frame is also very small, and the overall performance is very ideal.

DSC04664 DSC04665

▲As for the inner screen, it still retains the size of 7.1 inches, and the frame is still protected by a rubber edge.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 02 48 17 62 1b0813e039defa1202c7e7c77137d1c1 Screenshot 2022 12 21 11 12 05 95 1b0813e039defa1202c7e7c77137d1c1

▲In terms of resolution, the external screen is 2120 x 1080, while the internal screen is 1920 x 1792.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 50 12 51 fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2 Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 49 53 21 fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2

▲It is worth noting that this time the “Second Generation”, not only the internal screen, but also the external screen supports a maximum screen update rate of 120Hz.

DSC04751 DSC04749

▲The author has tested both the inner and outer screens. When browsing the webpage and flipping pages quickly on both screens, you can clearly see the small characters in the middle, which shows that the browsing effect is very smooth.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 49 45 65 fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2

▲Like other OPPO phones, Find N2 still has a different 01 super-sensing image quality engine enhancement function, and can also be set to use the highlight mode when playing HDR videos.


▲As for the display quality, let’s first look at the large screen inside the machine after unfolding the fuselage. It is very ideal for browsing text, the text display is clear and sharp, and it is very comfortable to browse for a long time.


▲Since the large screen is used, in order to browse more content, the author tried to browse with the desktop version of the webpage. In this case, the text display is still very clear, and the high-quality effect remains unchanged.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 49 22 60 fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2

▲It is worth mentioning that in the large screen area, users can set the display ratio of different software according to their personal preferences in the compatibility mode setting, so that everyone can use different software on the internal screen with a reasonable ratio, which is very considerate .


▲As for browsing photos, the effect of the internal screen is still very good, the colors are bright and not too “MSG”, more natural style, and the contrast display is also very ideal.


▲As for browsing videos, the effect is also very good. The color is brighter than viewing photos, but it is still not too MSG. The natural feeling of absorbing sunlight is still very good.

DSC04674 DSC04681

▲As for the viewing angle, after all, the AMOLED material flexible screen is used, and the viewing angle is very high, and the display quality does not decrease when viewed from the side. In addition, the brightness of the screen is high enough, and the content displayed on the screen can be clearly seen in light, dark or even sunlight, and the overall performance is very good.

DSC04746 DSC04744

▲As for the screen crease problem that everyone who is playing with folding mobile phones is concerned about, under the pseudo-push hinge design, the previous generation Find N is no longer obvious, and the effect of the current generation is still the same, and the effect is better in folding machines part of it.

DSC04684 DSC04685 DSC04693

▲As for the external screen, although the size of the screen is smaller than that of the internal screen, the clarity of the displayed text remains unchanged, and the display effect of photos and videos is exactly the same as that of the internal screen. The effect of the internal and external screens is truly consistent. The only thing is that due to the limitation of the aspect ratio of the screen, when browsing videos, no matter whether you use the internal screen or the external screen, there will still be thick black borders on the top, bottom, left and right, which everyone has no choice but to accept.

DSC04688 DSC04698

▲The external screen is also a flexible screen made of AMOLED material, so the viewing angle is also very wide.

There are still many folding screen functions

As for the application of folding screens, the current generation of Find N2 basically inherits the functions and design of the previous generation, and still has a free hovering space, allowing users to use half of the screen to browse content, and then use the other half of the screen to operate. manipulation. In addition, Find N2 still has different gesture controls, allowing users to quickly split the screen, split screen screenshots, multi-page split screens, etc., so that everyone can multitask efficiently on the large internal screen of Find N2 Improve usage efficiency.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 49 06 77 fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2

▲Same as the previous generation Find N, the large screen area of ​​Find N2 still has different gesture control functions, so that everyone can make full use of the large screen size and improve the efficiency of multitasking.


▲Find N2 still uses the push-type hinge as the hinge position, which makes the fuselage very stable when opened to different angles.

DSC04701 DSC04703

▲Same as the previous generation, there is still a “hover mode”. You can fold the screen in half at a 90-degree angle like the picture above, and then you can use half of the screen to display content, and then use the other half of the screen to control different functions. The difference from the previous generation is that as long as you install the APPS that supports the hover mode, it will appear in the “hover space”. As long as you switch to this program, double-press half of the screen to open the program.

DSC04705 DSC04706

▲For example: when using the camera, the real-time image will be displayed on the upper half of the screen.

DSC04707 DSC04708

▲ Different functions are displayed on the lower half of the screen. If you want to switch modes or control, you can do it by sliding or double-clicking on the black part.


▲By the way, like the previous generation, when taking pictures with the inner screen, there will be this button in the upper left corner.

DSC04713 DSC04714

▲Afterwards, the external screen will display the same real-time captured images as those seen on the internal screen, so that when taking pictures for others, the other party can check whether the effect is satisfactory before pressing the shutter to shoot.

DSC04718 DSC04716

▲In addition, some programs that cannot be downloaded from the official app store (for example: YouTube), although they do not support the interface and control functions of the hover mode, they can browse content on half of the screen, and then use the other half of the screen to browse other Information or comments are actually very useful when browsing live programs.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 09 38 74 f9ee0578fe1cc94de7482bd41accb329

▲In addition, Find N2 also has a smart sidebar, which allows you to use the floating mode to open another program when browsing content in full-screen mode, or quickly start the specified function.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 09 47 62 f9ee0578fe1cc94de7482bd41accb329

▲Users can set their own sidebar functions, and can also put in frequently used programs or start shortcuts for frequently played games.

The speaker supports Dolby Atmos and the effect is not bad

As for the sound effect, Find N2 adopts the same stereo dual-speaker design as the previous generation, which are located at the left and right bottom corners of the bottom of the phone. The Bluetooth sound format of the phone also supports SBC, AAC, aptX HD, LDAC, and aptX etc. Even listening to music with a Bluetooth headset is very convenient. As for the sound effect, it is at the upper-middle level. The high-to-midrange performance is good, the human voice is clear, and the sound analysis of musical instruments is not bad. As for the volume, it is also very sufficient, and there is no “sound tearing” even when the volume is turned on to the maximum. In addition, the sound effect supports Dolby Atmos panoramic sound, and the overall performance is not bad.


▲Like the previous generation, the built-in speakers of Find N2 are located at the bottom of the machine, located in the leftmost and rightmost corners. There is also a SIM card slot and a USB-C slot at the bottom of the phone.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 50 22 63 fc704e6b13c4fb26bf5e411f75da84f2

▲The sound effect also supports Dolby Atmos. I use it to listen to music and watch movies, and the effect is also very good.

“Hasselblad” blessing camera imaging is better

As for the camera, the previous generation Find N performed very well, and the second generation Find N2 further adopts the main camera developed in cooperation with the famous camera brand Hasselblad “Hasselblad”. The main camera still retains the design of 3 main mirrors, but except The main camera still retains the 50-megapixel f/1.8 of the same level, and the ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses are upgraded from the 16-megapixel f/2.2 and 13-megapixel f/2.4 of the previous generation to the 48-megapixel f/2.2 of the current generation And 32 million pixels f/2, so that the lens that can take ultra-high-resolution photos is increased to the main lens and ultra-wide-angle lens, and the overall shooting power has also been significantly improved, especially for night scenes. The effect of the current generation Find N2 is cleaner. The overall performance is very good. In addition, the field of view of the previous generation ultra-wide-angle lens reaches 123 degrees. Although it can take pictures of ultra-wide-angle landscapes with full tension, the author also expressed during the test that because the body is too short, when taking ultra-wide-angle photos, fingers may “enter the mirror” ; And to the current generation of Find N2, the factory has narrowed the field of view to 115 degrees, and while the finger is no longer in the mirror, the ultra-wide-angle photos taken still perform well. It can be seen that OPPO has indeed listened to consumers’ opinions and improved its products, which is another place worthy of praise.


▲The current generation of Find N2 still adopts the design of 3 main mirrors, but with the blessing of “Hasselblad”, the imaging has been improved to a higher level.


▲However, the lens adopts a relatively protruding design, so if the mobile phone does not need a protective case, it is difficult to place it flat on the table.


▲As for the front mirror, it is located in the middle of the top of the external screen. It adopts a perforated design and can take up to 32 million-pixel selfie photos.


▲As for the inner screen, it is the same as the previous generation, and there is no lens.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 31 02 35 d1e180874abfbe4d796ce10558f8141a Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 32 47 21 d1e180874abfbe4d796ce10558f8141a

▲The camera interface is similar to other OPPO phones, and Find N2 can do 20x digital zoom at the farthest.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 02 23 29 05 d1e180874abfbe4d796ce10558f8141a

▲Of course, there is also a night scene mode.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 31 48 86 d1e180874abfbe4d796ce10558f8141a Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 31 35 39 d1e180874abfbe4d796ce10558f8141a

▲In the professional mode, users can not only fine-tune different shooting parameters, but also choose to shoot photos in RAW format.

IMG20221220123225 IMG20221220123228 IMG20221220123231 IMG20221220123241

▲ First test the camera of OPPO Find N2 in general pointing mode during the day, and shoot at the same position with 0.6x ultra-wide-angle lens, 1x main camera lens, 2x telephoto lens and 20x telephoto lens + digital zoom. You can see more The imaging effects of each lens are very good. Even if you go to the 20x digital zoom, you can see what is being shot, and the performance is excellent.


▲Find N2 also has a macro mode, and the shooting effect is also very good.

IMG20221220022118 IMG20221220022125 IMG20221220022132

▲As for night scene shooting, the author thinks the effect is quite good. No matter which lens is used for shooting, the noise suppression is also good. The only thing that seems to be reddish is the color temperature when shooting with an ultra-wide-angle lens (the first photo).

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 32 11 07 d1e180874abfbe4d796ce10558f8141a

▲In addition, users can also use the high-pixel mode to use up the high-pixels of the main camera or ultra-wide-angle lens to take photos.

IMG20221220123225 IMG20221220123305a

▲The above are the photos taken in normal mode and high-pixel mode respectively, and with ultra-wide-angle lens. You can see that the color temperature of the two photos is uniform when you are not zooming in, but the brightness will be a little higher when shooting in high-pixel mode. The fine bits will be more obvious.

compare 01 1

▲When you zoom in on the two photos, you can see the photos taken in the high-resolution mode (right) even more. The sharpness of fine details is still preserved after zooming in, while the photos taken in the normal mode (left) are already obvious A qualifying situation occurs.

IMG20221220123228 IMG20221220123308a

▲As for using the main camera and taking photos in normal mode and high-pixel mode, the effect is similar to that of the ultra-wide-angle lens.

compare 02 1

▲Looking at the zoomed-in photos, we can also see that the photos taken in high-resolution mode (right) are much clearer than those taken in normal mode (left).

Flagship-level performance, gaming and life can handle

In terms of final performance, OPPO Find N2 has a built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, Adreno 730 image processing chip, 12GB / 16GB LPDDR5 RAM and 256GB / 512GB UFS3.1 built-in storage space, although it does not use the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2 processor, but in fact, in today’s era of excess hardware performance, this hardware configuration is enough to handle almost all the applications that are used in daily life, even if it is used as a mobile phone, there is no problem, and it supports 5G network , The author has tested the 5G SIM card put into the Hong Kong network operator, and it can also use the 5G network normally, and the speed is no different from other flagship Hong Kong 5G mobile phones. All of these add up, and there is no major problem in using it as a main machine. In addition, it has a built-in 4,520mAh capacity battery. The author has actually tried it under normal use. It is basically not a big problem to use it for more than a day (as long as you are not watching TV continuously for more than 10 hours). Even if there is no power, it It also supports OPPO’s own SUPERVOOC fast charging function, and the Huoniu also supports 67W voltage output. It is not a big problem to quickly recharge the mobile phone. The only pity is that it does not support wireless charging, and it is not convenient to use.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 02 48 13 60 1b0813e039defa1202c7e7c77137d1c1 Screenshot 2022 12 20 02 48 45 22 1b0813e039defa1202c7e7c77137d1c1 Screenshot 2022 12 20 02 48 02 04 1b0813e039defa1202c7e7c77137d1c1 Screenshot 2022 12 20 02 48 26 40 1b0813e039defa1202c7e7c77137d1c1

▲In terms of hardware, the OPPO Find N2 version tested by the author has a built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, Adreno 730 image processing chip, 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, 256GB UFS3.1 built-in storage space and Android 13 operating system.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 02 51 49 68 682db042e245bdfe41a756ea434d7a9e

▲The author first tested the performance of the processor with Geekbench 5. As a result, the single-core and multi-core calculations scored 1,256 points and 3,896 points respectively. The performance belongs to the flagship level, which is very good.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 03 04 15 36 184de9e0b3a101db6ffcef3e27ec3a86

▲Afterwards, the author tested Find N2’s gaming performance with 3DMark’s Wild Life Extreme, and the result was 2,809 points. From this score, it can be seen that it can basically run most mobile games smoothly, even if it is necessary to simply cut clips on the phone.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 04 09 54 05 184de9e0b3a101db6ffcef3e27ec3a86

▲The author used 3DMark’s Wild Life and Wild Life Extreme to conduct a stress test to see how the Find N2 performed for a long time. The results showed that the highest and lowest scores of the two tests were quite different. This shows that the stability seems to be only General.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 03 07 26 10 99a296f19cd517533cd0b183ddcd5b11

▲Afterwards, the author used A1 SD Bench to test the reading and writing speed of the built-in storage space. The results showed that the reading and writing speeds were 1287.08MB/s and 260.3MB/s respectively. You can see that the reading speed is particularly good, but the writing The speed seems to be just average.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 03 26 46 17 c198c715d99ba250d5a335743408f64f Screenshot 2022 12 20 03 16 28 04 3ff1551ba01961a4a6c150d60bca475f Screenshot 2022 12 20 02 56 09 51 682db042e245bdfe41a756ea434d7a9e

▲Finally, the author tested the overall system performance of OPPO Find N2 with AnTuTu Evaluation, PCMark for Android Work 3.0 and Geekbench 5 – Vulkan. The results were respectively 1,074,541 points, 13,725 points and 7,880 points. This shows that its performance is indeed It is a high-level flagship, whether it is used for general applications in life, watching movies, surfing the Internet, taking pictures or even playing games, there is no problem, it is enough to be used as a main machine.

DSC04630 DSC04631

▲As for the SIM card, OPPO Find N2 supports the physical dual card dual standby function.


▲Tested and supports Hong Kong’s 5G network.


▲The author tried to put in a csl 5G SIM card, and tested the network speed with the speedtest APP in Shatian. The download and upload speeds were 146Mbps and 28.5Mbps respectively, which is not bad.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 02 48 23 47 1b0813e039defa1202c7e7c77137d1c1

▲As for the battery, OPPO Find N2 has a built-in 4,520mAh capacity battery.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 51 04 41 0ba066473b79d6e213a1f6f52505e2ee

▲The author tried to fully charge it at one time, and it is not too big of a problem to use it for more than one day under normal use.


▲Of course, even if there is no electricity, the charging fire bull it comes with also supports OPPO’s own SUPERVOOC flash charging function. The fire bull voltage output reaches 67W, and the wired charging can quickly recharge the mobile phone.

Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 53 44 69 754d819e3b596ae7962698b97252b985 Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 53 54 51 b5a5c5cb02ca09c784c5d88160e2ec24 Screenshot 2022 12 20 12 54 01 46 b783bf344239542886fee7b48fa4b892

▲In addition, OPPO Find N2, as an unlicensed mobile phone, naturally does not have Google services and Play Store preloaded, but in fact, you only need to install a third-party software store and install the apk file of Google Play Store to log in to the Play Store And download the software, very convenient.

Summary: The thinnest, most practical, best-performing folding phone

To sum up, the second-generation Find N2 launched by OPPO this time can be said to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the first-generation Find N and further improve it, so as to launch a truly “perfect” folding mobile phone. The performance is very good: the screen display is good, the “Hasselblad” camera is powerful, and the hands-on experience is good. Coupled with further thinning and lightening, it is enough to become the best folding screen mobile phone on the market. Of course, when browsing videos, after all, due to the difference between the aspect ratio of the screen and the general video format, it is inevitable that there will be black borders on the top and bottom/left and right, but if you don’t mind these small details, and if you don’t mind that it is not licensed, OPPO Find N2 is indeed a very playable 5G folding mainframe.


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