June 9, 2023
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[Evaluation]MB Excalibur Gundam Concept Exquisite Workmanship + High Playability

Gundam 00 has been launched for nearly 15 years, and Angel has also launched several versions in the past. BANDAI’s latest “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” x “METAL BUILD” new project “Mobile Suit Gundam 00 REVEALED CHRONICLE”, “Gundam Devise Exia” Exia Gundam concept type. The concept Gundam is very rare, and the official price is 20,000 yen before consumption tax, which is about 1,074 Hong Kong dollars. Without further ado, let’s unbox and review right away.

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▲Exia Gundam Concept Type

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The Gundam Exia concept model just launched at the end of last month, the packaging box is not much different from other Gundam 00 series, except that there is a little difference in the hot silver lettering on the product. On the back of the box are Gundams in different poses. After opening the package, there are 4 parts, including 1 instruction manual, 2 layers of accessories and the body packed in 1 box of styrofoam. The Angel Gundam concept launched this time has one more shield, one big sword, and a newly designed backpack than the original version, but it lacks the R3 replacement armor. According to the official statement, the concept model of Angel Gundam can be replaced with armor to build a basic version, but there are no accessories for the first generation of Angel Gundam in the package.

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▲Exia Gundam Concept Type

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▲ 1 instruction manual, 2 layers of accessories and the body packed in 1 box of styrofoam

Open the styrofoam box, except for the main body, there is a small interlayer below, and there are several connecting pieces inside. The Gundam Exia conceptual body feels quite heavy and full of metal feeling after getting started, but it is not much different from the first-generation version. Body joints should be tight and solid. As in the past, there are two options for the antenna, one is made of hard material, and the other is softer. The head of the new card Angel should use the workmanship of Angel Avalanche, and a new engraved line has been added to the position of the eyes. The yellow antennas on both sides of the collar are painted in a metallic color, and the luster is brighter than the original molding paint. Only the blades are painted on the inside of the vent, the camouflage on the left shoulder blade has become two instead of the original one, and the rear camouflage stripe has disappeared. The printed text on the fuselage has become a relatively low-key gray.

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▲Exia Gundam Concept Type

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▲ Joints

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▲ New engraved lines have been added to the eye position, and the yellow antennas on both sides of the collar are painted in metallic colors

In terms of folding, the Angel Gundam concept model can still remove the outer armor, including arms, thighs, knees and calves. Since the internal structure of the Angel Gundam Concept is the same as the original version, in other words, the outer armor parts can be shared.

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▲Arms, thighs, knees and calves (removal of parts)

The newly-launched Exia Gundam concept focuses on new accessories and weapons. When installing weapons, first install the rear skirt armor, install the beam saber in the prominent position, and then install the solar furnace on the back. There are 2 versions of the Sun Furnace in the Angel concept, which are the basic model and the concept model. There will be two robotic arms on both sides of the newly added concept solar furnace. Inside the robotic arm is a particle storage tank, and the robotic arm part can be dismantled. The end of the particle storage tank can be rotated about 180 degrees back and forth, and the bottom of the robotic arm can also be deployed in two sections, and can be rotated horizontally and swinged back and forth. There are two types of front-end mechanical grips, both of which can be replaced. The small mechanical grip can be used to hold a beam saber, while the large one can be used to hold a large sword. The hole below the mechanical arm can be equipped with a shield or other weapons. There will be a detachable box at the back of the solar furnace, replace it with a part with an interface, it is used to hang a big sword, and it can also be rotated and swung up and down.

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▲First install the rear skirt armor

57 115

▲The protruding position can be equipped with a beam saber

53 115

▲Basic solar furnace

52 115

▲Conceptual solar furnace

62 115

▲The parts of the two robotic arms can be dismantled, and the openings below can be equipped with shields or other weapons

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▲The big mechanical grip can hold a big sword

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▲ There will be a detachable box behind the solar furnace, and replace it with parts with interfaces

The big sword part, the editor thinks they are quite stylish, the big sword is so imposing, and the sword part also has a gradient effect due to the thickness of the same. The color of the sword body is the same as that of the machine body, and the handle is painted with a metallic color, which feels very natural and the workmanship is also excellent.

16 115

▲Great sword sword, the position of the hand is painted with metallic color

The rest of the accessories are the same as the original Angel version, so the surprise is not too big.

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▲Other accessories

The Gundam Exia concept can be described as a reprint of the first generation. It is equipped with some exquisitely crafted accessories to improve the playability, and the craftsmanship feels realistic. It is definitely suitable for Gundam fans to collect.

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