April 1, 2023
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[Evaluation]Google Pixel 7 Pro form factor camera screen performance out-of-the-box evaluation

Google launches its own flagship mobile phone every year, and this year is no exception. It launched the new Pixel 7 series earlier. Although Google has not launched a licensed mobile phone in Hong Kong in recent years, the flagship version of the Pixel 7 Pro has been released earlier. Parallel imports flow into Hong Kong. How does the latest Pixel flagship feel? Let Edward now share with you the aftermath.

Design similar to 6 Pro with minor differences

In terms of design, the Pixel 7 Pro is actually very similar to the previous generation 6 Pro. The back of the Pixel 7 Pro also adopts a two-color three-section design. The author borrowed the obsidian black version. You can see that the lens part still adopts a protruding design, but The module has been changed to a silver design, which is different from the black design of the previous generation, and it is difficult to see where the lens is located; as for the rest of the camera back, the polished mirror design is still used, but this year’s black is even darker, not 6 The dark gray of the Pro feels more stylish and beautiful. As for one-handed control, since the overall volume of the Pixel 7 Pro is similar to that of the previous generation 6 Pro, and the thickness is also 8.9mm, there is not much difference in the hand feel when using it in the hand, and it can also be easily controlled and used with one hand. It is too big, and it is worth mentioning that its switch and volume keys, compared with other flagship mobile phones, have been set in a relatively central position since the previous generation, so that everyone can use it, especially if it is a right-hand phone. Lord, it’s easier to hit these keys.

pixel7pro 31

▲ This is Google’s latest Pixel 7 Pro, which is similar in appearance to the previous generation 6 Pro, both in design and screen size.

pixel7pro 15

▲ The author borrowed the obsidian black version. You can see that the lens module adopts a silver design, the camera part is circled in black, and the rest of the back part also adopts a polished black body design, which is very stylish.

pixel7pro 14

▲The surface of the machine adopts a polished design. Although it is not easy to stick to fingerprints, it is easy to stick to dust. It is recommended to use a protective case.

pixel7pro 20

▲All buttons are located on the right side of the fuselage, namely the power button and the volume button. It is worth noting that the buttons are located closer to the middle of the fuselage.

pixel7pro 11 pixel7pro 10

▲The buttons are designed closer to the middle position, which makes it easier for everyone to press the buttons when holding the phone, especially when holding the phone with the right hand, the feeling is more obvious.

pixel7pro 18

▲As for the bottom of the machine, there is a built-in speaker and a USB-C slot.

pixel7pro 30 pixel7pro 29

▲ The fuselage is not very long and wide, and it is comfortable to hold and control with one hand.

pixel7pro 27 pixel7pro 26

▲ One-handed playing and typing is not a big problem.

pixel7pro 28

▲ However, the fuselage has a little problem of “head-heavy and tail-light”, and it will still feel a little heavy when using it with one hand for a long time.

pixel7pro 12

▲As for unlocking, the Pixel 7 Pro still supports off-screen fingerprint recognition. In addition, you can also use your face to unlock.

pixel7pro 090 pixel7pro 089 pixel7pro 086 pixel7pro 088

▲As always, the Pixel 7 Pro still uses a very clean Android operating system configuration.

pixel7pro 068

▲The Android 13 operating system is preloaded.

pixel7pro 084 pixel7pro 077 pixel7pro 082

▲ Still built-in some of Google’s own functions, including: Live Caption (automatic subtitles), Live Transcribe (automatic interpretation) and Now Playing (recognizing the music playing) functions.

pixel7pro 083

▲ However, it should be noted that these functions do not support Chinese.

Screen quality is still good

As for the display, the Pixel 7 Pro still uses the previous generation’s 6.7-inch 3120 x 1440 resolution 19.5:9 aspect ratio LTPO OLED screen, and also supports 60Hz to 120Hz dynamic refresh rate. In terms of display quality, the author initially used it to view web pages and videos, and the effect was not bad. The viewing angle was also high, and the overall performance was still good. It is worth noting that the Pixel 7 Pro’s screen is increased to 1000 nit and 1500 nit respectively when viewing HDR content and the maximum brightness in outdoor sunlight. With support for 24-bit color depth, the color is not only brighter, but also in sunlight. Navigating content is also clearer, which is an improvement.

pixel7pro 25

▲ The Pixel 7 Pro is still equipped with the same 6.7-inch 19.5:9 aspect ratio screen as the previous generation.

pixel7pro 23 pixel7pro 24

▲The screen is designed with a thin frame, and the sides are also micro-arc.

pixel7pro 070 pixel7pro 078

▲ The screen resolution is 3120 x 1440, supports 60Hz to 120Hz dynamic refresh rate configuration, and the screen material is LPTO OLED.

pixel7pro 07

▲Because the screen supports a maximum update rate of 120Hz, the browsing is very smooth. The author quickly flips the page when browsing the web, and still can see the content.

pixel7pro 05

▲As for the display quality, the Pixel 7 Pro’s screen performance is still excellent, the text is clear and sharp, and the brightness is also very sufficient.

pixel7pro 03

▲It is also very good for viewing movies, especially the dark part. Because it uses an OLED screen, it is very clean, showing true black instead of gray, and the color is also natural, without MSG at all.

pixel7pro 04

▲ However, the author found that browsing videos with YouTube APP on Pixel 7 Pro seems to have a long-term button bar like the one shown above, which will not be automatically hidden. This situation is no problem on other mobile phones. It seems that Pixel 7 Pro itself has a few bugs , subject to official improvement.

pixel7pro 06 pixel7pro 01

▲As for the viewing angle, because it uses an OLED screen, it is naturally very high, and it has no effect on the browsing experience from the side.

The performance of the camera is greatly improved, and the performance of low-light shooting is also good

As for the camera, this has always been the strength of Google’s Pixel flagship phones. Last year’s Pixel 6 Pro did not see much surprises. When I go to the Pixel 7 Pro this year, I think the performance has indeed improved significantly. In terms of configuration, the Pixel 7 Pro has a built-in 50-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 48-megapixel telephoto lens. This is the same as last year, but the imaging effect is very different this year. A big improvement, the photos are still clear and sharp. Of course, the colors still return to the natural style. The most important thing is the metering system that had problems last year. will no longer happen. Overall, the performance of the Pixel 7 Pro camera this year is indeed surprising and worthy of praise.

pixel7pro 13

▲ The main camera of the Pixel 7 Pro, like the previous generation, still uses a 3-primary mirror design, which is also a 50-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 48-megapixel telephoto lens.

pixel7pro 19

▲The lens still adopts a relatively protruding design.

pixel7pro 22

▲As for the front lens, it adopts an open-hole design and is located at the top of the center of the screen, with 10.8 million pixels.

pixel7pro 104

▲ The camera interface is similar to the previous Pixel phones.

pixel7pro 103

▲In terms of telephoto, up to 30x digital zoom, and when zooming, if it exceeds 15x, a preview screen will appear in the upper left corner, prompting the user where the camera is currently shooting.

pixel7pro 67 pixel7pro 66 pixel7pro 65 pixel7pro 64

▲As for the shooting effect, the author first shot outdoors during the day, with 1x main lens (first photo), 0.5x ultra-wide-angle lens (second photo), 2x telephoto lens (third photo) and 5x telephoto lens (Fourth photo), you can see that the imaging effect is very ideal: the color is natural and the degree of restoration is high, and the photo is of high definition, and no matter which lens is used to shoot, the effect is also very good, the previous generation of metering is inaccurate. Generations no longer appear.

pixel7pro 46 pixel7pro 45 pixel7pro 44 pixel7pro 43

▲The author took pictures in a low-light indoor environment and found that the imaging effect is also very good. Although the ultra-wide-angle and telephoto lenses with narrow apertures have already seen noise, the situation is mild and has little effect on the photo quality. within the acceptable range. In addition, even in a dark environment, the effect of restoring the scene atmosphere is very good, and the performance is very ideal.

pixel7pro 39 pixel7pro 38 pixel7pro 37 pixel7pro 36

▲ Going to shoot at night, the ambient luminosity of the scene further drops, and there are many places with high light difference, but the camera performance of Pixel 7 Pro is still not bad.

pixel7pro 35 pixel7pro 34 pixel7pro 33 pixel7pro 32

▲Even if it gets darker, I will use the night scene mode and shoot with a Pixel 7 Pro, but the effect is still very good. As long as you don’t need to zoom in on the photos and browse in the “Smell” mode, the effect is still good.

pixel7pro 63 pixel7pro 42 pixel7pro 47

▲As for the effect of the 30x digital zoom, you can see the effect from the above photos is very good, as long as the ambient light is not too low, there is still a very clear effect.

pixel7pro 102

▲ In addition, in filming, it has different video stabilization functions, among which the dynamic mode and the movie effect mode are more special.

▲First of all, the author uses the standard filming mode to let everyone see the effect of filming while adding a slight anti-shake. You can see that the film is stable, but there is still slight shaking, and the effect is still acceptable.

▲After that, the author uses the dynamic video stabilization mode to shoot while walking again. You can see from the video that the picture shakes in the standard mode, and it no longer appears in the dynamic mode, and the anti-shake effect is very ideal.

▲As for the movie effect, in fact, it is not just adding anti-shake, but also adding an effect similar to Slo-Mo, which makes the film more cinematic, but whether it is practical or not is a matter of opinion, at least the author himself can use it. Chances should be lower than other modes.

Fix the blur function, easy to shake, good news for users

I believe that most users, especially when shooting night scenes, have the most headaches because they don’t have a tripod and want to take clear night photos. Under normal circumstances, when shooting in the night scene long exposure mode, it is easy to experience the problem of hand shake, which makes the photo blurred. Another feature of this year’s Pixel 7 Pro camera is that it has added a blur correction function, so that everyone can use this function to make the photos a little clearer even if the camera shakes. The author tried this function and found it to be very useful. The photos that were blurred due to hand tremors became a little clearer after repairing (at least you will see more fine points after repairing), but they are not too clear and fake. . This feature is indeed a great boon for users who are prone to tremors when taking pictures.

pixel7pro 100

▲When the camera shakes in the ultra-low light environment, there will be an Unblur function in the “Tools” in the photo editing, which will improve the looseness of the photo.

pixel7pro 41 pixel7pro 40

▲The above two photos, one is before Unblur, and the other is after Unblur. I wonder if you can see the difference between the two?

pixel7pro 099 pixel7pro 098

▲As you can see when you zoom in on the photo, the left one is the unblurred effect, and the bow on the doll’s head is blurred; and the right one is the effect after using unblur, you can see that the blurring of the bow has been greatly improved, and the small The red checkered pattern of the doll-free earrings is also much clearer, and the effect is natural and ideal.

The new G2 chip performs well

Finally, in terms of performance, the Pixel 7 Pro features the latest Tensor G2 chip, as well as the Titan M2 security co-processor, 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB / 256GB UFS 3.1 built-in storage. Among them, the Tensor G2 chip should be the part that everyone is most concerned about. Although this Google’s own “native son” processor is still maintained at the 5nm process and the 2+2+4 architecture, the core is jumped from the previous generation ARM Cortex-A76. Up to the A78 architecture, the power consumption is reduced by up to 50% compared with the previous generation. In addition, the new Mali-G710 image processing chip used in the Tensor G2 is also more efficient than the previous generation. Officials say that the G710 has a 20% increase in energy efficiency. The author also learned from the results of various performance testing software and the actual use experience that after the Pixel 7 Pro is equipped with the Tensor G2 chip, not only does it have flagship performance, but also whether it is daily application, Internet access, or even video game playing , has a very smooth effect. The most important thing is that even when operating efficiently, the mobile phone does not have any heat, which shows that it is indeed better in power consumption than other flagship mobile phones that use the opponent’s processor. In addition, it also has a built-in 5,000mAh capacity battery. I have tried it for more than a day or even two days in general applications without much problem. The only disadvantage in use, as always, is that Google has not opened the use of 5G networks in places where the Pixel is not licensed for sale (including: Hong Kong), so the Pixel 7 Pro, like other Pixel phones, even if it supports 5G networks, only in Hong Kong. Being able to use 4G LTE, for users who pursue fast internet speeds, they must think clearly when considering whether to start.

pixel7pro 071 pixel7pro 097 pixel7pro 072

▲ Pixel 7 Pro has built-in Tensor G2 processor, Mali-G710 image processing chip, 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and 128GB built-in storage space.

pixel7pro 096

▲The author first tested the performance of the processor with Geekbench 5. The results saw that the single-core and multi-core operations scored 1,054 points and 3,267 points respectively. Although it is not very high, it is still considered a flagship level.

pixel7pro 093 pixel7pro 092

▲The author used 3DMark to test the performance of the Pixel 7 Pro. The results showed that the Wild Life and Wild Life Extreme tests scored 6,476 points and 1,836 points. The performance is very satisfactory, and it also proves that there is no big problem in playing games. In addition, two stress tests were used to test the performance of the Pixel 7 Pro when the phone was on for a long time. The results were actually only average. However, when the author tested it, I felt that the fuselage was not easy to heat up, which shows that the heat dissipation effect of the mobile phone is good.

pixel7pro 091

▲The A1 SD Bench was used to test the read and write speed of the built-in storage space. The results showed that the read and write speeds were 739.48MB/s and 248.18MB/s respectively, which is quite satisfactory.

pixel7pro 094 pixel7pro 095

▲Finally, the overall system performance was tested with PCMark for Android 3.0 and Geekbench 5 – Vulkan, and the results obtained 11,278 points and 4,505 points. It can be seen that the overall system adjustment is very ideal, and the general application is naturally no problem, even if it is used as the main machine It is not a problem to use.

pixel7pro 087 pixel7pro 073

▲As for the network, although the Pixel 7 Pro itself supports 5G, because it is not licensed for sale in Hong Kong, the 5G network has been sealed and only 4G LTE network can be used.

pixel7pro 16

▲Like the previous Pixel 7 Pro, it only supports a single-body SIM design. If you want to use the dual-card dual-standby function, the other SIM needs to use an eSIM.

pixel7pro 09

▲As for the network performance, I put the csl SIM card and tested it with Speedtest APP. The download and upload speeds were 42.9Mbps and 25.9Mbps respectively, which is a reasonable 4G LTE network speed.

pixel7pro 069

▲As for the battery, the Pixel 7 Pro has a built-in 5,000mAh lithium battery. The author has tried it out initially. Under normal use conditions, it is basically not a problem to use it for more than one day.

pixel7pro 085

▲ In addition, the Pixel 7 Pro itself supports wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.

Conclusion: The camera is still the biggest attraction

Google’s Pixel flagship phone has always been an indicator of Android phones every year, and this year Google’s Pixel 7 Pro can be said to raise the performance of Android phones to a new threshold: high performance, (relatively) low power consumption, and The screen and camera also have a very high level of performance. To a certain extent, in addition to not using 5G in Hong Kong, the Pixel 7 Pro can also be said to be one of the very good Android phones today. In addition, Pixel 7 Pro has always been Google’s “children”, the whole system is very “clean”, and it is more smooth to use. In the future, it will do better than third-party brands in terms of upgrade support. As long as you don’t mind, you can only use it. To 4G network, in fact, the use experience is very good.

pixel7pro 08

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