March 28, 2023
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[Evaluation]B&W Px7 S2 Bluetooth headset out of the box, sound quality test Noble texture + outstanding vocals + strong and powerful bass

Headphone texture burst light, comfortable to wear, better than molten steel

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) Headphones Px7 S2 this time, in terms of design and wearing comfort, make people feel the history of this British brand. First of all, I feel that its touch is very noble, and it is full of “steel water”. The headband and earcups are covered with textured fine fibers. In addition to its good texture, it is not easy to absorb oil and fingerprints, and it can feel refreshing after playing a few times. The earmuffs and headband are made of inelastic plastic, which is not as cheap as ordinary plastic, so it is very comfortable to touch. The metal frame around the earmuffs enhances the appearance of the earphones. When you put the headset on the table, you can feel its “aura”, and you can see that it is a gadget for stylish people.


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“Steel” is also the first impression B&W Px7 S2 gave to the editor. Whether it is the adjustment of the angle of the earmuffs or the adjustment of the length of the headband, there will be slight resistance during adjustment, which not only helps in fine-tuning, but also improves the quality of the headphones. The physical button next to the headset can also reflect this. It does not use the popular light-touch buttons. All physical buttons bring users a more stable control feeling.


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The headband and ear cotton are made of memory foam leather, which is just right soft and hard, making it comfortable to wear. The size of the earmuffs is just right, and the area of ​​the earphones is not very large, but it just surrounds the ears of the editor. The tightness is improved, and the sound insulation effect is also improved.


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Of course, the net weight of the headset is 307 grams, which is a little heavier than many headsets. However, the high-quality texture and solid steel material and design mentioned just now make the editor have no complaints. Even the protective jacket that comes with it has a much better texture than many brands.


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elegant voice Delicate vocals and musicality

The Px7 S2 is equipped with a redesigned 40mm fiber moving coil unit, which improves the overall sound quality. Users can feel the sound performance with a stronger bass, a wider sound field, and a richer expressiveness. After connecting an Android phone with aptX Adaptive, the sound quality can be improved. protrude. When I tested Hikaru Utada’s “Prisoner Of Love” and “Bouquet を Jun に” 96kHz FLAC, I felt that the overall low frequency of the music is very strong, with full potential, but at the same time there is no impurities, and some headphones may have popping sounds. situation, in this headset will not appear. In this tuning, the vocals are very prominent, and the pop vocals are not overshadowed by the background music. As for the sound field, the control can be said to be just right, the diffusion is relatively concentrated, but the music has a proper reverberation, and many details are still preserved. All in all, this headphone will bring the vocals back to your front, and at the same time give you a deep bass with good potential. If you already feel a little tired of listening to the headphones that are too musical, the Px7 S2 can give you another new feeling. .




When the editor thought that this headset is only used for vocals, but when playing Gu Juji’s “Eyes Can’t Live Without Tears” 96kHz FLAC, I found that the expressiveness of pure music is still very strong. The background of this song is composed of a variety of musical instruments. You can hear a little bit of reverberation of the guitar and percussion when playing, and it will be included in the headphones. Although the sound field is not too broad, each instrument can be faithfully represented. At the same time, the vocals will not be too sharp, and the edges will be smooth. At the same time, the low-frequency part is also solidly expressed.



Overall, the editor thinks that the Px7 S2 will be quite comfortable to listen to popular music, and it will not get tired after listening for a long time. When you want to focus on the human voice, there is a human voice, and you want to feel the background music playing, it can be presented transparently.


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▲On the Android platform, aptX Adaptive can be connected, and the sound quality is further improved

Screenshot 20221031 154410

▲Set 96kHz sampling rate data stream


Noise reduction is useful, but not lost

The headphones provide a noise reduction effect, which is further improved compared to previous products. This British manufacturer has achieved a good balance between noise reduction and sound. It will not block the strong noise in a noisy environment for you, but in the office and other environments, it can further bring you into your own music. space, give you quiet listening to songs, and get a good tone at the same time. The phenomenon that the heavy bass is unreasonably enhanced after the noise reduction is turned on in other headphones does not appear on this headphone.




The B&W Px7 S2 offers simultaneous pairing of two devices. For example, this time I connected the headset to an iPhone and an Android phone at the same time. You can see the two connected devices on the mobile app, and you can switch the device connected to the headset with just one click.

IMG 7329

▲ Noise reduction can be set in the App, and among the 2 connected devices, specify a device to play sound


Summary: texture, stability, bring you to feel the music again

If you’re tired of the intense sound you get with some headphones on the market, the B&W Px7 S2 can bring you back a faithful music experience. The texture of the earphones, as well as the sense of stability brought by the timbre you hear, make you feel at ease to enjoy the music, especially the balance between the pop vocals and the sense of music, coupled with the pure and powerful bass, making it not only a The clothes worn by the hipsters are more connotative and powerful earphones.

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