March 29, 2023
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[Evaluation]Apple iPhone 14 Plus shape touch screen camera battery performance 7-day test evaluation

Apple’s new iPhones this year, the Pro and non-Pro series all retain the large and thin design, but the mainstream iPhone 14 series (non-Pro) has changed from the previous generation 13 mini and 13 to the current generation 14 and 14 Plus. Design, so that mainstream iPhone 14 series users can enjoy the big screen enjoyment. How does the new iPhone 14 Plus feel when using it? For users with limited budgets, is it really not necessary to “rush to the top” on the 14 Pro Max, a 14 Plus is enough for daily use? The author has used the iPhone 14 Plus for a full week, and now I will share with you how I feel after a week of use.

The body is on the large side, but it can still be barely controlled with one hand

The iPhone 14 Plus launched by Apple this time is actually very close to the iPhone 14 Pro Max in size and design. It also uses a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED screen. The most obvious differences between the two are only three: 14 The Plus still uses the original “M-shaped forehead” design of the original deep lens, the back of the camera is still made of polished tempered glass material with bright colors, and the dual-lens main camera configuration with the main camera and ultra-wide angle, and the body design is still the same as the previous generation. , also uses aerospace-grade aluminum metal as the frame of the fuselage, and also supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof function, so I have been very relieved to use it for a week. Of course, the screen is enlarged to 6.7 inches. Compared with the 6.1-inch iPhone 13 / 14, it is naturally a bit more difficult to control with one hand, but if it is “in place”, it can still be barely controlled, and typing is no problem. It is more comfortable to use by hand. It is worth mentioning that although the iPhone 14 Plus and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are about the same size, the 14 Plus is 37g lighter than the 14 Pro Max (14 Plus: 203g; 14 Pro Max: 240g), so you can use one hand for a long time. The phone is not too heavy to hold, and it feels more comfortable than the 14 Pro Max.


▲ This is Apple’s latest iPhone 14 Plus, which is similar in design to the previous generation iPhone 13. It also uses a dual-primary mirror design and uses polished tempered glass as the back.


▲In addition, in terms of colors, bright colors are still used as the main tone this year. The author borrowed pink and purple, and ladies should find it quite attractive.


▲The frame of the fuselage is still made of aerospace-grade aluminum, and the color is the same as the color of the fuselage.

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▲In terms of design, the left side of the fuselage still has a mute button and a volume button, and the right side is still an on-off button.


▲ There is still a Lightning slot at the bottom of the machine, as well as a built-in speaker.


▲ The iPhone 14 Plus is Apple’s first model with a 6.7-inch screen in the mainstream iPhone series, and the body grip is quite similar to the 14 Pro Max.


▲ However, the 14 Plus body is 37g lighter than the 14 Pro Max, so it will not be too tired to hold the phone for a long time.

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▲In terms of one-handed control, after all, a large screen is used, so if you are used to the 6.1-inch screen of the iPhone 13 in the past, it will take some time to get used to it.

DSC03436 DSC03437

▲ One-handed control is barely able to do it.


▲ But if you want to type while holding the phone with one hand, you have to “sit in place”, which is a little hard.

The screen is still bright and the large-size film viewing machine is first-class

As for the display, it was mentioned above that the current-generation iPhone 14 Plus uses a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED screen, which is also the first Apple model to use a 6.7-inch large screen in the mainstream iPhone series, and the resolution is comparable to the professional Pro series. The 14 Pro Max is similar, and it also has 2778 x 1284, so don’t worry about the clarity. As for screen performance, although it only supports 60Hz update rate (14 Pro Max supports up to 120Hz), it is enough for general use, and the color performance is very natural, whether it is used to browse documents, web pages, or The 6.7-inch screen of the 14 Plus can give users a very good visual enjoyment for playing video games and watching movies. In addition, the screen is enlarged to 6.7 inches, and the field of vision is wider. more ideal. In addition, although the screen brightness of the 14 Plus is only 800 nits (normal) / 1200 nits (HDR), it is actually very bright in general use, and because of the use of an OLED screen, the screen display can still be seen in sunlight. Although it is still not as good as the 14 Pro Max, if the requirements are not extremely high, it can meet the needs of ordinary users.

DSC03474 DSC03475

▲ The iPhone 14 Plus has a built-in 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED screen with a thin bezel design.


▲Although the screen update rate is only 60Hz, you can barely see the fine-text content when turning pages quickly.

DSC03505 DSC03514

▲The screen quality is still excellent. Whether you are viewing text or videos, the clarity is high and the colors are natural. The performance is quite excellent.

DSC03520 DSC03522

▲ In addition, because the OLED screen is used, the black level is very clean, and a lot of detailed dark levels can be seen, and the high light difference part is also very ideal.

DSC03508 DSC03517

▲The viewing angle is also very high, and it does not affect the display quality from the side.

IMG 4655 IMG 4659 IMG 4663 IMG 4658

▲ In addition, although the maximum screen brightness is only 800 nits (up to 1200 nits when displaying HDR images), the display on the screen can still be seen under the sun, although the effect is definitely not as good as the brighter iPhone 14 Pro Max, but no matter It’s not a big problem to browse Facebook, watch web pages, watch videos or take pictures.

The camera still performs well

As for the camera, the iPhone 14 Plus, like the previous generation 13, also uses a dual main mirror design, namely the main camera mirror and the ultra-wide-angle mirror, and both are 12 million pixels. As for the front mirror, it still uses the original depth sensing lens. Also 12 million. In addition, in terms of filming in this generation, in addition to still being able to shoot up to 4Kp60 videos, the main camera of this generation has also added a new sensor mobile optical image shock absorption function, so that everyone can shoot while walking or even running. Steady video. As for performance, I tried shooting in different environments, and the results were very good. Of course, the detail is always a little far from the 14 Pro Max, which can take 48-megapixel photos, but if you don’t go for the “smell” level It can also have extremely clear photos. The photos taken by the iPhone 14 Plus should already meet the needs of most users. In addition, this generation has also made progress in night photography. I tried shooting in extremely low light conditions and still took clean and clear photos, which is worthy of praise. All in all, although the iPhone 14 Plus has not reached the Pro level, the performance of the camera can still give users enough confidence.


▲As for the camera, the iPhone 14 Plus, like the iPhone 14, also uses a dual-main mirror design: the main camera mirror and the ultra-wide-angle mirror, both of which are 12 million pixels.


▲As for the front mirror, the original depth sensing lens with the “M-shaped forehead” design is still used, and the pixels are also 12 million.

IMG 4744

▲Consistent iPhone camera interface, almost constant.

IMG 4729

IMG 4731

▲As for the image quality, the author shoots with the main camera and the ultra-wide-angle lens during the day, and the effect is very good. In addition to high definition, the color is not too excessive, and it can basically restore the effect seen by the naked eye on the scene.

IMG 4738

IMG 4739

▲ Take a test shot in the daytime. You can see that the camera of the iPhone 14 Plus is very analytical. Even if you zoom in on the photo, the fine position still has a very clear effect.

IMG 4757

IMG 4758

▲ Going to a darker indoor environment, the camera of the iPhone 14 Plus can still perform very well, and the overall feeling is natural and comfortable.

IMG 4751

▲ Shooting close-ups of buildings with the main camera of the iPhone 14 Plus, the effect is actually no worse than shooting with a camera.

IMG 4651

IMG 4650

▲ Going to shoot in the night mode (about 2 seconds long exposure) in the ultra-low light environment at night, even if the main camera is holding the iPhone 14 Plus, there is still a very good effect; but the ultra-wide-angle lens has a small aperture, the effect is not good So ideal, but if you don’t zoom in, it’s fine.

IMG 4710

IMG 4911

▲ When shooting close objects, whether indoors or outdoors, you can also take very good photos.

IMG 4701

IMG 4698

▲ The ultra-wide-angle lens of the iPhone 14 Plus can not only be used to shoot landscapes outdoors, but even indoors, as long as the scene is properly framed, the effect of shooting objects is also very good.

IMG 4689 IMG 4717 IMG 4881

▲As for shooting portraits, the iPhone 14 Plus also performs very well: natural skin tones, accurate colors, and even without portrait mode, the depth of field of the photo looks very natural and not artificial, which is ideal. Of course, the shutter is fast enough to capture photos, and it can also be used to shoot children whose expressions change very quickly.

IMG 4743

▲ In addition, although the iPhone 14 Plus does not have a telephoto lens, it can also use up to 5x digital zoom to shoot distant objects.

IMG 4733

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▲Although it is a digital zoom, the effect is still very clear. Of course, it is not as good as shooting with a real telephoto lens, but the clarity and imaging can satisfy many people.

The power is definitely enough to last more than a day

In terms of overall performance, the iPhone 14 Plus, at this price and with the appropriate hardware configuration, can give the author a very satisfactory performance. However, as the first mainstream iPhone series with a 6.7-inch large screen, I believe everyone is more concerned about it. Built-in battery life. Officials say that the built-in battery of the iPhone 14 Plus can provide users with up to 26 hours of video playback time, enough to meet the needs of users for a day. Is this the case? The author used the iPhone 14 Plus as the main machine on the spot, and used it for a week, and recorded what activities were performed on the mobile phone every day, and the time of each activity. It turned out that even on the day with the highest usage: I used the iPhone 14 Plus to enjoy 3 live football matches (about 6.5 hours) on the Wi-Fi / 5G network, played a total of about 2 hours of mobile games on and off, and enjoyed it on Spotify. About 1 hour of music, about 20 photos and 2 4Kp60 videos of about 3 minutes each with the iPhone 14 Plus camera, and general daily mobile phone applications (using WhatsApp, Facebook and other social software to communicate with others or share life, Checking new emails, etc.), it started to be used from about 9:15 am and lasted for 16.5 hours until about 1:48 am the next day, and the battery only dropped from 100% to about 27%. It can be seen that in the case of such a high consumption, it is really powerful to use more than 1/4 of the power for more than ten hours, so Apple’s official statement that it can be used for more than a day is indeed not a lie. For one-charge users, the usage time of the iPhone 14 Plus should be reassuring. It is worth mentioning that the iPhone 14 Plus, like the previous generation iPhone 13, also supports up to 15W MagSafe wireless charging or 7.5W Qi wireless charging. In other words, except for the protective case, other MagSafe accessories can still be used in this generation without needing to be replaced. It also saves you the extra cost of purchasing accessories.


▲ In order to test the power of the iPhone 14 Plus, I used it as the main machine for a week to see if it can be used for a full day as the official said.

DSC03524 DSC03523 DSC03526 DSC03529 DSC03531 DSC03542

▲Almost every day on the iPhone 14 Plus, the author will use communication software to communicate with relatives, friends and colleagues, share life through social platforms, watch TV dramas/watch live football matches, take photos/films, and listen to songs in Spotify streaming mode. The most charged day only dropped from 100% to 27%, and it took more than 16 hours. It can be seen that the battery of the iPhone 14 Plus can really be used for a full day as the official said, if the usage is not high For users, even charging once every two days is no big problem.


▲ In addition, the iPhone 14 Plus still supports MagSafe wireless charging. In other words, in addition to the accessories related to the protective case, the previous support for MagSafe can also be used with the iPhone 14 Plus.

Efficient enough for daily needs

As for performance, the iPhone 14 Plus is built with the same A15 bionic chip as the previous generation. Although it seems that there is no upgrade, in fact, Apple secretly increased the image processing core of the A15 chip to 5 cores (4 cores in the previous generation iPhone 13), Although this slight improvement is not obvious, in the author’s one-week use, whether it is for general life applications, or for watching movies or even playing games, the iPhone 14 Plus also has a very smooth and high-quality performance, especially when playing games. , I don’t think the fuselage has obvious heat, this performance is definitely enough to meet the daily needs of most users. In addition, the iPhone 14 Plus still supports the 5G network in Hong Kong, and still supports the dual-card dual-standby function of physical SIM, which is naturally more convenient when traveling abroad. Of course, the car accident detection function added to the iPhone 14 Pro series is also built-in on the iPhone 14 Plus. In the event of an accident, the 14 Plus can also automatically ask for help for everyone, making it more secure to use.


▲Although the iPhone 14 Plus only uses the A15 bionic chip of the previous generation, the image processing core has been increased to 5 cores, so there is naturally no problem in general life applications, even if it is used to play the machine, it is very powerful.


▲ In addition, it also supports Hong Kong’s 5G network.


▲Insert the 5G SIM card of China Mobile Hong Kong and test the speed in Shatin. The download and upload speeds are also 82Mbps and 15.6Mbps, which is not bad.

DSC03464 DSC03466

▲ In addition, the iPhone 14 Plus Hong Kong version also supports physical dual card dual standby, which is more convenient to use when traveling.

Summary: mainstream iPhone satisfaction remains undiminished

In fact, the mainstream iPhone series has always given users a feeling of “no up and down”, especially since there was no large-screen style (compared to the Pro series) in the past, if users want to pursue a large-screen vision, You can only be forced to buy the Pro Max model, but as we all know, the Pro Max model always belongs to the Pro series, and the price is a bit more expensive, which makes it much more difficult for users with insufficient budget to start. The current-generation iPhone 14 mainstream series finally gave up the mini-machine in exchange for the 14 Plus with a 6.7-inch screen and a large battery. It can be said that Apple has finally responded to the demands of mainstream series users. In the future, users who have a limited budget but want to pursue a big screen and a large power supply can finally not have to “suffer the expensive machine” and be forced to start with the Pro Max series that may have many functions that are not needed, but can be relatively “flat” Starting with the iPhone 14 Plus, I believe that Apple’s move should attract many old iPhone users to return to the iPhone camp, right?


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