June 9, 2023
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[Evaluation]Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 earphones measure heartbeat, LDAC, dual-device connection impressions

Counting the brand series of true wireless Bluetooth headsets that have emerged rapidly in recent years, there is nothing more than Anker of Soundcore Liberty ,These series are often cost-effective, and you can experience the functions of expensive headphones without high prices.The flagship model launched this time Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 With Active Noise Cancellation (ANC),support LDACalso adjustable EQ applications, and can be connected at the same time2device.


Headphones Stylish with 3 pair of replacement earplugs

Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 The packaging box is larger than ordinary brands, but the way to open the box is quite special. After opening the box, the earphones, charging case, earbuds and manual can be seen at a glance, and users will be prompted to download Soundcore application. The charging box is designed with a black matte surface, which is not easy to leave traces of use and is also very stylish. The headphone body uses mirror material to add layers to the overall headphone design.Liberty 4 contains a total of 4 pair of earplugs, including the original m size,extra pair M Size,otherwise L Size and S Size each pair.


3 pair of replacement earplugs

Pairing is fast and direct, easy to operate

Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 The pairing of the device is very fast and direct. After opening the charging box, there will be a breathing light effect inside, and then turn on the Bluetooth of the device, and it will displaySoundcore Liberty 4“,Press to connect. control, according to 2 Down Liberty 4 The left or right earphone, can be switched ANC, transparent mode and physical sound insulation mode.according to 1The lower left or right earphones are to stop or continue playing, answer the call or turn off the call respectively.


▲ Breathing light effect


▲ Press the left and right ears to control playback, answer calls and other functions

connectable 2 devices

Liberty 4support Duel Connection,That is, you can connect at the same time2A device that I will use frequently2It is absolutely suitable for users who work with one device.

IMG 0379

Duel Connection

SsoundcoreApp self-tuningEQ

User can download Anker own application “Soundcore“,and Liberty 4 pair. Users can customize the controls of the left and right earphones.press Sound Effect You can adjust EQor set it yourself EQ,Soundcorealso supports Spatial Audio,Users have a better spatial experience.ANC In terms of settings, you can choose to manually adjust the strength of the “Manual Modeor through theAdaptive Mode“Automatically adjust the strength. In transparent mode, you can use the traditional “Full Transparent“or”Vocal Mode”, the latter will focus on the vocals. users in “Sound Effect“Select LDAC”hi-Res Audio“, use it to make the sound field wider.

IMG 0374

self setting EQ

IMG 0375

Spatial Audio

Screenshot 20221215 171507

ANC set up

Screenshot 20221215 171512

transparent mode

Screenshot 20221215 171456

LDAC “hi-Res Audio

Liberty 4 has built-in heart rate sensors in the ear,There is also a heart rate detection function in the app, which can monitor the user’s heart rate and stress index at any time. Sports-oriented users can choose the exercise that suits them according to the suggestions in the app.

Screenshot 20221215 171409

▲It can monitor the user’s heartbeat

Screenshot 20221215 171434

▲A variety of suggested sports

Vocals are placed in the middle and high frequency position to highlight

Liberty 4 also supports LDACI use Moov listen to 24-Bit Lossless music, play Zhao Xueer’s “Happy”, the song music is relatively simple, I feel that the sound field is sufficient, the vocals are centered, and the high frequency position is prominent. Then listen to Eason Chan’s “Space Odyssey”, the background music of this song is relatively complicated,Liberty 4 The handling is also good, in the adjustment EQ Finally, the low frequency has weight, and the low potential performs well.I feel Liberty 4 The tone is tougher, suitable for listening to rock music.

Screenshot 20221215 192110

Zhao Xueer “Happy”

Screenshot 20221215 191932

Eason Chan “A Space Odyssey”

There is room for improvement in battery life

fully charged Liberty 4 Can be used continuously 9 hours, if on ANC then only the 7 Hours, I think battery life can be enhanced.

Summary: Good for everyday use

no need HKD$1300 meta Liberty 4,You can enjoy a lot of flagship functions, which is definitely cost-effective, and the performance is indeed not rude, and it is definitely worthy of its price.I like it the most Liberty 4 connectable 2 A device for everyday life.

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