June 7, 2023
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EU tightens TV energy efficiency rules, all 8K TVs will disappear from the market – Hong Kong unwire.hk

For environmental reasons, the EU has been working hard to amend the legislation. Recently, it plans to update the Energy Labeling Act, tighten the energy efficiency regulations for TV sets, and revoke the exemption for TVs with resolutions above 4K, which means that there may be no 8K TVs starting in March next year. Re-released in the European market.

The EU will impose strict real-time energy efficiency restrictions on TV products from 2021, but there are exemptions for high-end TVs with resolutions beyond 4K and those using MicroLED panels. Recently, however, this regulation is planned to be updated in March 2023. At that time, high-end TVs will no longer be exempted, and the overall energy consumption limit has also been tightened.

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According to sources, most TVs in the European market are already close to the lower limit of energy efficiency requirements, and no 8K TVs can meet the standards. Even 4K TVs, if they are high-end models, are likely to fail to meet the requirements and be launched on the market. In addition to being inconvenient for demanding users, companies will also be unable to purchase large screens for conferences. Although the new regulations can give companies more incentive to develop technologies that consume less power, it is believed to be quite difficult in the short term.


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