June 2, 2023
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Ensuring critical infrastructure is key to social stability

At 4 am on February 6, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the border between southern Turkey and northern Syria. According to statistics released by the Turkish government on the 8th, as many as 9,057 people were known to have died and 52,979 people were injured. In Syria, the local Media reported the death toll at more than 2,950. I recently listened to a podcast and learned from Qiu Zhenyu, the executive director of Taiwan Reyhanle World Citizenship Center, that this organization was set up in Reyhanle City on the border between Turkey and Syria. The original mission was to assist Syrian war refugees. local refugees and citizens also took refuge in this center in Turkey and Taiwan. Although the building itself is safe, the entire disaster area is facing many major challenges, such as lack of water, electricity, gasoline, natural gas and other important resources, and road traffic. It was severely damaged, and network communication was also affected. Moreover, the local weather is still cold and aftershocks continue. The difficulty of rescue work can be imagined, and it has also attracted global attention.

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