March 29, 2023
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Elon Musk: You can’t make a living by advertising Twitter considers $150 monthly subscription

Following Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, he became its CEO. He expressed his desire to introduce a subscription model for the authentication program for the Twitter Blue logo.

At present, the Twitter authentication service is provided free of charge for celebrities and public figures in the political, economic and entertainment circles to prove that the account is for their own use, but it takes a long time to apply. Musk said that by changing Twitter’s user authentication system, users only need to pay a monthly fee of $8 to get a Twitter Blue tick mark (Twitter Blue) to “verify their identity.”

Musk also mentioned that the user authentication system allows users to enjoy the treatment of replies, mentions and searches, which is essential for defeating spam and scams. Reports that Musk was considering a $20-a-month subscription model were criticized by author Stephen King, who argued that he should not be paid to maintain certification. Musk responded, saying that Twitter also needs to make a living to pay its bills and cannot rely solely on advertising revenue, and asked the other party whether it could be considered if the monthly fee was as low as $8 (How about $8?).


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