June 7, 2023
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Electric car body overweight, British engineer warns parking lot of collapse risk- Hong Kong unwire.hk

At present, many multi-storey car parks have been designed and built in the past few decades. Recently, some British media quoted engineers as saying that the body weight of electric vehicles is heavier than that of traditional fuel-engined cars. The car park may not be able to bear the weight, and there may be a risk of collapse. Engineers say there have been no accidents so far, but it could be a matter of time.

The British “Daily Mail” pointed out that most of the local multi-storey car parks or underground car parks are designed and built according to the standard of fuel engine cars popular in 1976. However, the weight of electric cars that have become more and more popular in recent years often It is nearly twice that of a fuel engine car. Some engineers warned that the weight of electric vehicles may cause the parking lot to collapse.

The report mentioned that among the new cars sold in the UK in 2021, electric vehicles will account for 10% of the total, while hybrid vehicles will account for 7%. sales of gasoline-engined vehicles. In order to protect the safety of citizens, the British Institute of Structural Engineers will issue new recommendations and guidelines for multi-storey and underground car parks in January to improve the bearing capacity. However, for some early-built car parks, the cost of reinforcement will be quite high, and the result may be Causing restrictions to deny access to vehicles above certain weights.

Source of information and pictures:daily mail

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