March 27, 2023
e Refund教学:TNG旧卡还有余额?5个步骤将余额转至银行户口 e Wallet

e-Refund Teaching: Does the old TNG card still have a balance? 5 Steps to Transfer Balance to Bank Account/e-Wallet TechNave

The TNG card will expire, so what happens to the balance of the old card after buying a new version of the TNG card? Now just go to the Touch N Go e-Refund website and simply enter your old card and other personal details to withdraw money!

Before starting to fill in the information, please note that the withdrawal application from the old TNG card is only for those users who have registered in the MyTouchnGo Portal, so users need to register first and then apply for withdrawal.


#1 Fill in TNG card serial number, IC number

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#2 Fill in full name, mobile phone number, nationality, email

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#3 Opting out of TNG cards

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#4 Choose a refund reason

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#5 Choose a refund method

268310110 4942828182407740 3463392358047443048 n 1

For more technical information, please continue to hold the Urban Tech Story version!

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