June 4, 2023

E-commerce leader Momo is threatening to develop the advertising business with the advantage of 13.8 million unique monthly traffic in 2023. It also needs to expand the Momo ecosystem and enter the 40 billion corporate welfare market

Momo Fubon Media, the leading e-commerce company in Taiwan, will hit a new high of 103.4 billion yuan in revenue in 2022. After becoming a 100-billion-level e-commerce company, Momo revealed its development direction in 2023. It will develop its advertising business by relying on tens of millions of unique monthly traffic and supplier data. It will also expand the Momo ecosystem to include more brands and enter 400 billion yuan corporate welfare market. With the advantages of a huge amount of consumer and supplier data, Momo started to develop advertising business. This year, Momo will start to use CDP and SCM data to develop RMN (Retail Media Network, Retail Media Network) infrastructure, so that suppliers can be on the e-commerce platform in the future. Buy keyword ads on. As a leading e-commerce company in Taiwan, Momo has 13.8 million unique monthly visitors. If RMN is successfully developed, the scale will be considerable.

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