June 6, 2023
Software and Connectivity December 2022 7

Dyson: 5 years to invest 2.75 billion pounds, 15 years to develop sustainable artificial intelligence

Software and Connectivity December 2022 7

British vacuum cleaner brand Dyson AnnounceInvest 2.75 billion pounds in five years to develop products and technologies, and use software and Internet of Things functions as the core of future product planning. Expand the scale of software developers and data scientists, and assist in the planning of new intelligent products that will be launched in 10-15 years.

In the past ten years, Dyson’s software and IoT product teams in the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, China and Poland have expanded by more than 10 times. Software engineers have also continued to collaborate with data scientists, robotics, electronic hardware and machine learning engineers to enable Products are getting smarter, using countless sensors, electronics, control systems, and programming codes. Through calculation, the battery of the product can be optimized, the operating efficiency of the motor can be optimized, and the life of the product can be extended.

Software and Connectivity December 2022 8

“Investing in software and data science isn’t about gimmicks or fancy features, it’s about making people’s lives easier and less frustrating when using products,” said lead engineer Jake Dyson. We’re investing in labs in the UK, Singapore, the Philippines and Poland With a 15-year target, Dyson’s growing engineering team will be working on the development of confidential and sustainable artificial intelligence.”

At present, software technicians are important members of Dyson’s research and development. Even young engineers who joined Dyson just after graduation are as high as 45% responsible for software development, rather than focusing more on mechanical engineering as in the past.

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Chief Executive Roland Krueger said: “In November 2020, we announced investments in new technologies such as energy storage, robotics, machine learning and e-commerce. Now we are fulfilling our promise. These investments will lay the foundation for Dyson to expand product categories and expand into new areas. Investment core The company’s emphasis on “driving digital” and its emphasis on software technology has driven Dyson to write a new chapter.”

Take the upcoming Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones as an example, which can monitor and purify the surrounding air at any time, and can be connected to the MyDyson app to provide real-time air quality and noise data, weekly pollution trend reports, and help users take appropriate actions to reduce exposure to pollution Down.

This five-year investment plan of 2.75 billion pounds aims to double the product portfolio by 2025, and to allow products to combine software and networking to play core functions, and to use data to continuously improve usage efficiency, making products smarter and better used experience.

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