June 6, 2023
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Driving a Tesla will cost more than a Civic as German electricity prices soar

The energy crisis has gradually intensified this year. Although gasoline prices in European countries have continued unabated, the rate of increase in electricity bills is even more alarming. Recently, foreign media found that the fuel cost per kilometer of driving a Tesla Model 3 electric car in Germany has surpassed that of a Honda Civic with a fuel engine. If the soaring electricity price continues, it may bring resistance to the transformation of fuel vehicles into electric vehicles.

The report mentioned that Tesla’s super charging station charges in Germany increased to 0.71 euros per kilowatt in September this year. At this price, a Tesla Model 3 costs 18.46 euros for electricity per 100 miles, but a Honda Civic four-door sedan costs only 18.31 euros for gas. The average cost of household electricity in Germany in December was 0.43 euros per kilowatt-hour, higher than France’s 0.21 euros, but slightly cheaper than the very expensive Denmark’s 0.46 euros.

Although the cost of electricity bills has continued to increase this year, there is no sign of affecting the sales of electric vehicles. In the third quarter of this year, electric vehicles accounted for about 11.9% of the overall EU car sales. In the past, charging is cheaper than refueling, which is a major selling point of electric vehicles, and the maintenance cost is lower than fuel engine vehicles is another factor that attracts consumers; It will take a long time for car owners to achieve a more favorable effect than fuel vehicles. Some analysts estimate that rising electricity costs will delay the transition to electric vehicles, which will put pressure on European automakers that have invested a lot of money in the transition.

Source of information and pictures:WSJ

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