June 6, 2023
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Douyin banned Cantonese videos from Internet celebrities, a large number of anchors support Cantonese filming – Hong Kong unwire.hk

The short video social app Douyin recently restricted and blocked several Cantonese-speaking anchor accounts on the grounds that the language could not be recognized. A large number of Cantonese-speaking internet celebrities were dissatisfied and criticized the platform’s practices for filming.

An internet celebrity “Guangdong Liangzaifengshao” who has more than 4 million followers on Douyin and specializes in filming Cantonese funny short films uploaded the video on Douyin, complaining that Douyin used “unrecognized language” as an excuse, so that the original intention was relaxed and funny. As the film inherits Cantonese culture, he forbids the use of Cantonese in the film, and even pointed out that the practice is very absurd, so he decided to quit Douyin from now on.

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(Image Source:“Guangdong Liangzaifengshao” Douyin account)

As soon as the clip came out, it was supported by a group of internet celebrities with the Cantonese film, “Cantonese is my mother tongue, so I can’t do live broadcasts if I don’t understand Cantonese.”,“There are many people who speak Cantonese, and” plus Cantonese is so pleasant,Introducing the twist in Cantonese has the soul.”There are netizensEvenTo put it bluntly, Douyin is backward in thinking and narrow-minded. Even though the official language of the country is Mandarin, Cantonese is the daily language of Cantonese people, and there is no reason to be restrained.

Douyin said that live broadcasters can use Cantonese to live broadcast normally in the live broadcast room, and the platform will not punish the broadcasters for speaking Cantonese. According to Douyin’s “Douyin Live Streaming Code of Conduct”, there is no provision to ban dialect live broadcasts.

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(Image Source:Tik Tok)

At present, the video and some anchors discussing the Cantonese ban incident are suspected to be removed by the platform. Feng Shao also updated the cooperative video on October 1, but some netizens compared Feng Shao’s previous videos, and the flow of the video is very different.

source:“Guangdong Liangzaifengshao” Douyin account

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