June 6, 2023
iPhone 14 Pro 机型的息屏常显耗电吗?实测:全天开启最极端情况下不超过 20

Does the always-on screen of the iPhone 14 Pro model often consume power? Actual measurement: no more than 20% in the most extreme case of opening all day

The iPhone 14 Pro series released last year finally ushered in the “always on screen” function, but I believe many users are curious about whether it will consume a lot of power if this function is turned on all day.

Today, PhoneBuff conducted a real test with the iPhone 14 Pro Max for everyone, and launched a 24-hour battery life test.

After a 24-hour battery life test, it was found that the power consumption of the always-on display function on the iPhone 14 Pro model is not serious:

  • Turn on the always-on screen with the wallpaper enabled: about an additional 0.8% power consumption per hour
  • Turn on the always-on screen when the wallpaper is disabled: about an additional 0.6% power consumption per hour

And this is the power consumption obtained from the test, and the actual power consumption will be lower in daily use.

Screenshot 1435 1

Also, your iPhone screen will go completely black in the following scenarios:

  • iPhone face down on table
  • iPhone in pocket or backpack
  • Turn on sleep focus mode
  • After the iPhone is connected to CarPlay
  • Using Continuity Camera
  • When you haven’t used your iPhone for a while (your iPhone learns your activity patterns and turns the display off and on accordingly, including if you set an alarm or sleep schedule)
  • Your iPhone detects that you and your paired Apple Watch have left it (the always-on display will turn on when your Apple Watch is next to your iPhone)

In more extreme cases, the power consumption of Apple iPhone users will not exceed 20% a day when the always-on display function is turned on. For more technology information, please continue to watch the Chinese version of TechNave!

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