June 4, 2023
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Do you still dare to play with your mobile phone?Brain experts warn: Using mobile phones for a long time will cause brain damage and become stupid- TechNave 中文版

With the advancement of technology, no matter adults or children, mobile phones are always with them. Swiping mobile phones has become a daily habit for many people. In this regard, Japanese brain expert Ryuta Kawashima warned that high-frequency and long-term use of mobile phones will weaken people’s learning ability, difficulty concentrating and insomnia, and may even cause damage to the brain, especially for students. The score will drop with the length of using the mobile phone.

Brain scientist Ryuta Kawashima said that in fact, as early as more than ten years ago, experts pointed out that electronic products would cause harm to the human body. Due to the popularity of the Internet and long-term use of 3C products, people began to have poor comprehension of articles, easily depressed, Decreased learning ability, etc., appear to reduce the phenomenon of brain function. At the same time, with the development of time, the rise of various communication software and social games has caused this phenomenon to become more and more serious.


In 2013, Kawashima conducted a survey of 22,390 middle school students, collecting their daily use of mobile phones and daily reading time, and cross-compared with their math scores.It was found that students who used their mobile phones for a longer period of time per day had worse test scores, and even found that“Students who study for more than 2 hours but use mobile phones for 3 hours”lower grades“Students who study for less than 30 minutes but do not use mobile phones”It also made Kawashima express that “using a mobile phone for a long time is like wasting time and effort in studying.”

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In this regard, Kawashima analyzed that the convenience of mobile phones and the prosperity of communication software caused the students’ attention to last for a short time. As soon as the notification rings, you immediately switch modes to deal with other things, causing a loss of concentration. Studies have also found that students who use more apps have poorer concentration in their studies. It is even inferred that using mobile phones for a long time under such conditions may cause damage to the brain.

Nowadays, with the rise of online classes, students can watch videos and listen to lectures, and at the same time look up proper nouns they don’t understand online. Kawashima believes that this will still lead to unsatisfactory learning results, because it is equivalent to falling into a state of constant switching. Turning off your phone is the “basic of the basics”.

In addition, the study found that children who use mobile phones frequently have almost no growth in the white matter of their brains in three years. For example, the brain power of students in the third grade of junior high school is still at the level of primary six, which also leads to children’s lack of attention and insomnia. question. For more information on current affairs, please continue to follow Urban Tech Story version!


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