June 6, 2023

Disney develops artificial intelligence tool to easily adjust actor’s appearance age – Hong Kong unwire.hk

In order to play a character’s youthful or old state, actors often rely on makeup, or even have another actor play a different age state of the character. Disney researchers recently developed an artificial intelligence system that can easily adjust the age of characters. This tool can add age effects to the picture at a speed of 5 seconds per frame.

In the past, to age a character, it was necessary to manually adjust it frame by frame, which was quite time-consuming and troublesome. In order to speed up and automate the conversion process, the industry tried to use neural networks and machine learning. Disney researchers pointed out that other systems have good results in freeze-frame frames, but in continuous film frames, facial identity loss, poor resolution and instability are common conditions. Disney said that the solution they developed provides the first practical, fully automated and commercially applicable face age change tool for movies.

This tool uses a neural network to analyze the character’s head, and then estimates which parts of the face need to be added, such as age effects such as wrinkles or wrinkle removal, and then the tool will add a special effect layer on the character’s face, even if the head and face move or The same goes for light transitions. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, which will be released next summer, the protagonist Harrison Ford will appear in a younger image at the beginning of the movie. Disney’s new technology will help improve the realism of the characters getting older or younger, and also greatly shorten the time spent by computer special effects personnel. time spent.

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