June 6, 2023
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Disguise real ones! Hackers launched a “fake” WhatsApp website and paid for it to be at the top of Google search results! – Urban Tech Story Version

Recently, it is suspected that some hackers forged the WhatsApp website to defraud information, and even advertised on Google to make the fake webpage top the search results. material!

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It is understood that the WhatsApp website faked by hackers is very similar, the website is “http://www.whatisupcom.com”, if you don’t see it clearly, you will be tricked into the webpage directly,There is a high chance to click to download and scan the fake QR Code, resulting in leakage of personal information.

Although the websites are similar, the fake web pages still have many loopholes. One of them is that it is only available in Simplified Chinese, and nothing happens when I click to change the font. From this, it can be inferred that the target of hackers may be Chinese netizens who are not familiar with WhatsApp (the use of WhatsApp in China requires bypassing the wall).

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At present, Google has removed relevant advertisements, and the top search result of WhatsApp has been changed back to the genuine website, but you can still access the counterfeit webpage of the hacker by directly entering the URL.

For more technology information, please continue to watch the Chinese version of TechNave!


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