June 6, 2023
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Department of Health: Part of the burden of medicines and emergency services will be on the road first

The new system of partial burden that was originally scheduled to go on the road on May 15 last year has been postponed until now. The National Health Insurance Department revealed new progress on February 16. It has adjusted the rules for the partial burden of medicines and emergency services, and it will be on the road first in the future. Others, such as the partial burden of medicines in grass-roots clinics, will maintain the status quo and will not be adjusted. However, the partial burden of outpatient inspections and inspections will affect hospital operations due to process changes, and communication is still underway. The National Health Insurance Administration pointed out that without changing the people’s medical habits, about 67% of the people will not be affected by this adjustment, and nearly 17% of the people will have an annual impact of less than 200 yuan.

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