March 28, 2023
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Denmark warns civil servants by email, charging mobile phones at workplace will be considered theft – Hong Kong

It is believed that many migrant workers will connect their mobile phones to the power source to charge before returning to the office to start a day’s work. However, this behavior may be regarded as theft in the office of the Danish city government in Friedrichsberg. A few days ago, the Danish media received reports from citizens that the head of the horticultural and road services in Friedrichsberg sent an email to several operations managers to remind civil servants not to charge in the office.

The report quoted Ole Philip, the head of the department, as saying that he knew that some civil servants were charging mobile phones, iPads, electric bicycles and electric scooters in the workplace, reminding that the above behavior is equivalent to theft, and instructing the operation managers to send warning messages to its employees. When receiving media enquiries, Ole Philip pointed out that the city of Frederiksbeck needs to save energy, and that there is no justification for using government resources to charge personal belongings; he cited the rise in gasoline prices as an example, saying that public funds cannot be used to fuel his own cars. . The media checked with local labor and employment law lawyers, who believed that the request was in compliance with the law.

The city government of Frederiksbeck confirmed that the head of the department had sent an email, but at the same time thought the expression was “a bit subtle”. The spokesman said that there is generally more flexibility in dealing with the daily life of employees, and that superiors and subordinates should have good communication. . Stig Henneberg, Mayor of Friedrichsberg, thought the content of the email was a bit harsh, stressing that there is no restriction on the charging of personal belongings in the workplace, and expressed no intention of introducing rigid rules, believing that common sense and flexibility should be used to deal with the daily life of civil servants .

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