June 4, 2023
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Dark web crimes deciphered from bitcoin transactions

On September 27, 2013, someone moved 525 bitcoins. This is a long string of thirty-four nonsense characters from a bitcoin address to another nonsense address of the same length. The transaction, like all bitcoin transactions, happened silently, but by no means in secret. The sender’s computer has sent a message to surrounding computers on the Bitcoin global network, “announced” the payment, and within minutes, the announcement is sent to thousands of machines around the world, all of which confirm the payment. Witness this transaction, and then add it to your own Bitcoin blockchain ledger. This ledger cannot be forged, cannot be changed, is completely open and transparent, and records who owns which bitcoins in the global cryptocurrency economy.Sorting through the records of bitcoin transfer receipts and payments, opening a new era of scientific and technological case handling

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