January 28, 2023
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[Create a reliable supply chain structure]The United States promotes CMMC certification with defense procurement as the core

The U.S.-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce recently released news that the U.S. intends to cooperate with Taiwan in the production of weapons. Whether the technology is provided by the U.S. and manufactured in Taiwan, or the components are produced in Taiwan and manufactured in the U.S. Involving the protection of national defense confidential information, the security of the defense industry supply chain, and national security, and other complex aspects, how to ensure the relevant security, Taiwan and the United States must build a reliable supply chain structure. Because the first-line contractors of national defense procurement are responsible for important secrets such as research and development, design, development, and deployment of related weapons, and the subcontractors of the contractors are often scattered around the world because of the needs of production and manufacturing, but in the face of Different countries have different regulations on network security, and small-scale subcontractors are often the target of hackers because they are unwilling or unable to pay high investment in information security, causing the leakage of many sensitive data.

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