June 9, 2023

Create a functional map of Taiwan’s financial information security talents, focusing on course design to promote training

In order to enhance Taiwan’s financial industry’s emphasis on information security, the Financial Supervisory Commission (Financial Supervisory Commission) gradually made suggestions and requirements, especially in March 2018, revised the “Implementation Measures for the Internal Control and Audit System of Financial Holding Companies and the Banking Industry” , newly added Article 38-1, which began to specify that the banking industry should set up a dedicated information security unit and supervisor to show the organization’s emphasis on information security. The above-mentioned requirements will be extended to more financial institutions in 2021, that is to say, not only the banking industry, but also the insurance and securities industries should also set up dedicated information security units and supervisors. Moreover, the relevant requirements are increasing year by year. For example, it is necessary to appoint an associate director or above to be the head of a dedicated information security unit, and it is necessary to appoint a deputy director or above to concurrently serve as the chief of information security. Through the above-mentioned step-by-step approach, domestic financial institutions will not only know the direction of policy promotion, but also prepare for the deployment of information security and manpower reinforcement as soon as possible. In the future, such requirements will be extended to more than 1,700 listed counter companies in China. At the same time, it will also serve the domestic market Create greater demand for information security talents.

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