March 30, 2023
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Completely solve the technical debt at the cost of reconstruction, and move towards the third optimization development of the new strategic street

In 2022, the number of users of Jiekou electronic payment will reach 5.8 million, 26 banks will be connected in series, more than 200,000 payment stores will be established, and the monthly collection and payment amount will exceed 3 billion yuan. It is the leader of electronic payment in Taiwan. Mei Hua, the chairman of Jiekou, who took office this year, proposed a new strategic goal, from actively expanding the scale of users to providing diversified services to realize the value of members. Not only the business department has started to launch more kinds of new services to increase the stickiness of members, but the Jiekou technical team has also shifted from the expansion strategy of connecting the bank and the channel system to the development of a large number of heterogeneous services, with more than 10 projects going on at any time. .

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