May 28, 2023
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Come back strong! It is revealed that the HUAWEI P60 series has been finalized and will launch ‎HarmonyOS 3.1, which may be unveiled in March next year! – Urban Tech Story Version

After the release of HUAWEI Mate 50, the news of HUAWEI’s dual flagships has continued to spread. According to the latest revelations, the HUAWEI P60 series has been finalized, and it is very likely that the ‎HarmonyOS 3.1 version will be launched!

Recently, the blogger “The director of the factory is classmate Guan” said on Weibo,HUAWEI P60 series is currently finalizedwhich means that the phone will be released soon, and HUAWEI has also started preparations for the P60, including marketing, shipment planning, and launch time.

According to the news,HUAWEI P60 will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2023 (expected in March 2023), and HarmonyOS 3.1 version is likely to be launched simultaneously.

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In addition, another well-known blogger “Digital Chat Station” also released photos of the silicone protective case for HUAWEI P60 series mobile phones.

As can be seen from the photos of the protective case, the design of the lens module of the HUAWEI P60 is very special, and the placement of the three cameras is very characteristic, which is significantly different from the HUAWEI P50 series. Brand new exterior design.

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In addition, the HUAWEI P60 series has three rear cameras, and the opening of the main camera lens in the phone case is a bit exaggerated, which may mean that the main camera specifications of the P60 series will have a great improvement compared to the previous one.

It is reported that the internal code name of HUAWEI P60 is “Mona Lisa”. Equal height on all sides.

Judging from the revelations,The HUAWEI P60 series is equipped with a flagship processor, but 5G will still be absent, it supports satellite communication, and the main camera is upgraded to 64MP with HUAWEI’s own XMAGE image

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