June 6, 2023
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Chinese Warcraft players immigrate to Taiwan Taiwan Blizzard opens additional servers to welcome Chinese players- Hong Kong unwire.hk

It was rumored last week that Activision Blizzard and NetEase will end their cooperation after the contract expires next year, and a number of Blizzard-owned online games in China will soon cease operations. After Chinese players heard about it, in order to continue to play Blizzard’s ace game “World of Warcraft”, they switched to the Taiwan server through the wall. The Taiwan service “World of Warcraft” officially posted on Facebook that due to the recent increase in the number of players, new servers will be added, and new players are welcome. Reduce the gaming experience.

“World of Warcraft” Taiwan official posted on Facebook, “In response to the recent increase in the number of players, we have added new servers. You can now choose from the “Global” tab of the server list. Welcome to the new Azeroth Let’s start an adventure.” Although it did not specify that the new server was added to welcome Chinese players, its purpose is self-evident in connection with the recent news.

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Many people in this post are worried that Chinese players playing Taiwan servers over the wall will affect their own game experience. In addition, they are also worried that in order to cater to the Chinese side, many banned words will be added to the game.

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Their worries were not unfounded. Some Chinese players posted on Reddit that they wanted to capture the Taiwan server. The post also listed specific measures: “First, only use Simplified Chinese, and report people who use Traditional Chinese; Second, any insults China insults Xi Jinping, insults the national server, and even reports what he doesn’t like; third, the game voice only uses yy, and drives out the aborigines; fourth, any report should be reported in groups, and the Taiwan server should be turned into a second national server .”

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source:World of Warcraft Facebook,Queasy_Tax_7919 Reddit

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