April 1, 2023
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Chinese mobile phone brand Meizu recruits engineers to enter electric vehicle industry- Hong Kong unwire.hk

A few days ago, Chinese media discovered that Meizu, a mobile phone brand, had posted a number of job vacancies on recruitment websites, all of which were related to the electric vehicle business. This mobile phone brand, which was acquired by the large auto company Geely Group in June this year, because these job advertisements are considered by the outside world as a move to enter the electric vehicle sector, so that the senior management of the parent company Geely Group needs to explain the pictures on Weibo.

Positions recruited by Meizu include intelligent cockpit engineer, mechanical structure engineer, chassis electronic control engineer, vehicle system product manager, auto parts order staff, new energy vehicle sales consultant and automotive media public relations, etc., which makes the outside world think that Meizu may refer to Xiaomi to enter smart electric vehicles. boundary. Yang Xueliang, senior vice president of Geely Holding Group, responded to the rumors on Weibo, saying, “This is a misunderstanding. Meizu does not build cars, but only provides services for car companies.”

Chinese media believe that Meizu’s business model will be similar to Huawei’s, that is, to use its own technology to develop products and services related to smart electric vehicles, and then provide them to major car manufacturers and brands. Since Meizu has become a part of Geely, the industry estimates that Meizu will shift its business focus to cars, and even sell Geely-branded cars in flagship stores.

Data and picture sources:sina

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