June 4, 2023

China’s EVA New Movie Poster Involved in Plagiarism from Japanese Officials: Local Propaganda Department Makes Its Own Decision- Hong Kong unwire.hk

EVA’s newest movie – “Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Final 3.0+1.0” has been released in various places, which has aroused the voices of EVA fans. Recently, it will be launched on Chinese streaming platforms, and the Chinese studio specially designed a brand new promotional poster, but it happened to be found plagiarizing the works of other artists.

According to the official Twitter announcement of “EVA” on January 14, the promotional poster of the new movie that will be released on the streaming platform in China has been plagiarized. The official drew a clear line with the Chinese side, pointing out that the poster was not designed by the Japanese film production team and producer kahara, but was produced by the Chinese side. At present, the Japanese side is still investigating, saying that the Japanese side was completely unaware of the incident. It has nothing to do with the team either.


There are various comparison pictures circulating on the Internet, referring to the background from French illustrator Nico Delort’s 2013 work “Where the wild things are” (twitter@nicodelort); Asuka is directly taken from ALTER’s 2019 FIGURE promotional image.


Later, on January 15th, Beijing Zhuye Cultural Studio, the poster designer, issued a public statement apologizing to Nico Delort, admitting that the design used inappropriate materials without the artist’s authorization, and attached an email screenshot indicating that it is now contacting Nico Delort as compensation. And I would like to apologize to all EVA fans, hoping that the incident will not wear down their love for the work.

statement and Email from studio to artist

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