March 27, 2023

Children who play games score higher on tests of brain function

According to a study published in the journal JAMA Netw Opena studyteens who play games are better than those who don’thave better memory and better motor control skills. The research shows a correlation, not a causal link, but the research informs the development of games to treat cognitive problems.The study usedAdolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD)The data tracks the brain development of thousands of children as they grow, and participants take regular assessments that include tests such as brain imaging, cognitive tasks, mental health screenings, physical health checks, and more. The study on gaming and cognitive abilities used data from 2,217 9- and 10-year-olds. The researchers divided them into a video game group (playing at least 21 hours a week) and a non-video game group. Children who occasionally played video games were not included in the study. The researchers observed their performance on tests of attention, impulse control and memory. The study found that children who played games performed better, and they had different patterns of brain activity, with more active memory and attention areas. Their mental health was no different.

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