June 2, 2023
960 feng mian zhao shi long hong zheng wei she

[ChatGPT Pioneer Experience: Zhao Shilong, Director of Information Bureau of Taipei City Government]Expanding applications must be implemented, and official use must ensure compliance

As ChatGPT has attracted the attention of the outside world, companies or government agencies have also begun to think about how to use ChatGPT, hoping to improve internal work efficiency, not just the information department, this whirlwind of ChatGPT has also attracted the attention of corporate executives or government department heads, and instructed IT departments from top to bottom Research on the potential of ChatGPT applications. For example, Taipei Mayor Jiang Wanan recently asked the Information Bureau to study and evaluate the possibility of ChatGPT applications in an internal meeting. Although ChatGPT seems to be omnipotent, Zhao Shilong, director of information bureau of Taipei City Government who is good at machine learning and deep learning technology, believes that ChatGPT is currently open for free use and is still in the stage of demonstrating technology to the outside world. From the perspective of the benefits created, it is a very good technology However, there are still many problems to be overcome before commercial application.

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