June 6, 2023
960 feng mian duo qi shu wei chuang yi

[ChatGPT Pioneer Experience: Huang Baoxi, General Manager of Duoqi Digital Creative]Relying on AI to reduce the burden of heavy development and annotation, the language and logic ability of IT people will be more important in the future

Natural language processing AI can be a powerful aid in program development. In fact, from automatically generating code, providing modification suggestions, writing code comments, and generating program documentation, the software development company Doodd Creative has used ChatGPT and Copilot, which also uses the GPT-3 model, to simplify many of these links Work. The changes brought about by these tools to the development work have made language logic ability one of the important abilities of engineers. “Even people in the later language group can do a good job in development even if their programming ability is not very strong.” Duoqi Digital Creativity General manager Huang Baoxi said bluntly. Automated highly repetitive development and explanatory clerical work Huang Baoxi He used the story of a Java engineer in his family trying to experience Copilot for the first time to illustrate how AI is applied to program development.

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