May 28, 2023

Cellular aging may be linked to increased gene expression error rates

American researchers have discovered that the error rate of gene expression inside cells is getting higher and higher, and proteins cannot be synthesized normally, which may be the reason why cells stop dividing and fall into a state of aging. This achievement is expected to provide new targets for the development of anti-aging drugs. In the process of gene expression, the DNA sequence is transcribed to produce RNA, which is then used as a template to synthesize proteins to perform specific physiological functions. Previous studies in yeast and worms have shown that the fidelity of gene expression in aging cells is severely reduced. To determine whether human cells shared the same traits, the team cultured lung cells from human embryos in vitro, forcing them to divide rapidly to mimic the aging process, causing the cells to fall into senescence after three months. Gene sequencing has shown that the error rate of gene transcription into RNA in these aging cells is very high, and the length of a large number of transcripts is too short. They may not be translated into proteins normally, or the synthesized proteins may be abnormal. The study also found a similar situation in the liver cells of aged mice.

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