March 25, 2023
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Cecilia Cheung was bombarded by the live broadcast of selling fake goods with poor quality and inconsistent with the description of the live broadcast – Hong Kong

I believe that many people have also encountered the situation where online shopping is not right. In recent years, the rising star “live-streaming goods” has no intention to increase consumers’ confidence in the goods. However, some Chinese netizens have recently criticized Cecilia Cheung’s “carrying goods” for the quality of the goods. Poor, completely inconsistent with the description of the live broadcast.

In recent years, the craze of “live streaming with goods” has spread all over China. Celebrities have used their effects to promote products in live broadcasts and attract audiences to buy them. Therefore, many Hong Kong artists have joined China’s “live streaming” market, and Cecilia Cheung is one of them.

However, a Zhejiang netizen, Ms. Zheng, said last Saturday (22nd) that she had purchased a Disney milk velvet quilt set in Cecilia Cheung’s live broadcast earlier. She pointed out that the description of the live broadcast after receiving the real thing was completely inconsistent, and criticized the poor quality of the goods and pillow cases. Tattered, quilt cover is thin and full of threads.

The official after-sales customer service of Cecilia Cheung’s live broadcast originally replied to Ms. Zheng that she could return it if she was not satisfied, but later admitted that there was a problem with the product and was willing to return and refund her. However, Ms. Zheng believed that Cecilia Cheung, as a star, should strictly check the quality of the products, claiming that she would not return the fake products she sold, and asked Cecilia Cheung to give a reasonable explanation.

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