March 25, 2023
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Cancer vaccines may be marketed before 2030, and the application of Fabitax technology can be transformed to prevent cancer – Hong Kong

According to foreign media reports, the founders of German biotechnology company BioNTech said in an interview with the BBC that mRNA new crown vaccine technology can be used to help destroy cancer cells. They cooperated with Pfizer to have a vaccine against cancer by 2030.

As a technology leader in European biotechnology, BioNTech has been committed to researching mRNA cancer vaccines. After the spread of the new crown epidemic, the company turned to research and development of new crown vaccines, and cooperated with Pfizer in the United States to develop and launch mRNA new crown vaccines.

BioNTech hopes to develop treatments for bowel cancer, melanoma and other cancer types, but it still faces significant hurdles. Because the cancer cells that make up a tumor can contain many different proteins, it is extremely difficult to create a vaccine that targets all cancer cells but not healthy tissue.

However, Professor Şahin said that the successful development of a new crown vaccine by Pfizer and BioNTech has also promoted the company’s work in the development of cancer vaccines. He continued to point out that breakthroughs have been made in cancer vaccines, making them optimistic about the launch of cancer vaccines in the next few years.

“As scientists, we are always reluctant to say that we can cure cancer, but we still hope for some breakthroughs,” said Professor Türeci. She added that BioNTech has a better understanding of how the human immune system responds to mRNA vaccines. The urgency of the development and promotion of the new crown vaccine has also “exercised” the efficient administrative capabilities of the drug regulatory authorities, and is full of confidence in the future launch of cancer vaccines.


Image Source:businessinsider

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