January 28, 2023
iPhone 15不会全系使用USB C,Apple或先从Pro系列下手

Can you drag it?It is reported that the iPhone 15 will not use USB-C in its entirety, Apple may start with the Pro series first – TechNave

To comply with the new EU rules, Apple will have to move to USB-C on iPhones and other devices that still use Lightning. However, even if the EU regulations are unified, it will be a matter of 2024, so the interface problem of the iPhone 15 series can still be perfunctory for a year.

According to the latest news from the supply chain, Apple may not use the USB-C interface in all its iPhone 15 series next year, which is in line with their usual style of doing things.

Supply chain sources said that the high-end version of the iPhone 15 series may use the USB-C interface first, while the low-end version continues the current scheme, which is also a means to stimulate users to buy more expensive versions.

usb c iphone 15On October 24, local time, the European Council approved that from 2024, all electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and digital cameras sold in the EU must use the Type-C charging interface uniformly. You can choose whether to purchase an additional charger.

The announcement also pointed out that there is a 40-month grace period allowed for laptops using the unified charging interface. According to estimates, this move can reduce 11,000 tons of electronic waste every year.

For this announcement, Apple has stated that it will support it, but they have not said how to do it, and of course it is impossible to say. Some Apple-related accessories manufacturers said that even if the iPhone is cut into the USB-C interface, then Apple has the means for everyone to obtain relevant certification. After all, it is a closed system, and the size of the iPhone is not comparable to that of the iPad, so making money is a library. Gram’s number one priority.

The above is still online news, and everything has yet to be officially announced. For more technical information, please continue to hold the Urban Tech Story version!

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