April 1, 2023
Samsung Expert RAW新增「天文摄影」功能

Can the astronomy enthusiast’s cannon camera be put away? Samsung Expert RAW Adds “Astrophotography” Feature TechNave

Samsung has recently introduced a professional-grade feature to the Expert RAW professional camera app –astrophotography

It is understood that the new astrophotography function of Expert RAW can draw the starry sky according to the region where the user is located. With Expert RAW’s Astrophoto feature, night photographers can capture clear and bright dynamic photos of stars, constellations and dark skies.

S22 Camera Enhancement main1

In addition, the Sky Guide feature also allows users to pinpoint the location of constellations, star clusters and nebulae, and the camera’s advanced AI algorithm uses multi-segmentation and multi-frame processing to enhance the quality of the photo.

With the full popularity of mobile imaging, mobile phone shooting has become an important way for users to record their lives. Samsung has also been thinking about and constantly exploring how to improve users’ imaging experience.

Not long ago, Samsung was also preparing to take the lead in introducing a new Good Lock module, Camera Assistant, to the S22 model, which will be mainly used to assist users in taking pictures.

S22 Camera Enhancement main3 1

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