June 6, 2023
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Bye 15 seconds! Instagram officially relaxes the length limit of Stories: the length is extended to 1 minute, and it will no longer be automatically divided into multiple Stories! – Urban Tech Story

When Instagram launched the Stories feature, it positioned this feature as a very short video sharing feature, with each story being only 15 seconds long. However, Instagram has finally relaxed this restriction recently!

All along, when a user uploads a video of more than 15 seconds to Stories on Instagram, it will be automatically split into multiple Stories, ensuring that each Story is extremely short. However, recently,Instagram officially relaxes the limit to 1 minute, greatly increasing the length of Stories. The new rule began testing at the end of last year and has only now been officially rolled out.


For users who like longer videos, such a new rule will reduce the hassle, but it will become difficult for users who like short clips or double-click to see all the Stories quickly.

At present, Instagram already has Reels support for 90-second videos, and it remains to be seen whether this change will blur the two features.

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