June 7, 2023
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British farmer turns into YouTuber and earns £2,000 a month sharing his daily life

Nowadays, many young people regard becoming a YouTuber as their dream career. What kind of subjects should they shoot to attract the attention of netizens? The British “Mirror” shared a successful example a few days ago. Ian Pullen, a 57-year-old farmer in the Cotswolds in south-central England, took pictures of his daily routine of farming, which brought him a monthly income of 2,000 pounds.

Farmer Pullen’s YouTube channel is called “I Farm We Farm” and appeared in the online world under the name “Farmer P”. Since 2018, he has taken pictures of the big and small things that happened on his 57-acre farm and uploaded them regularly to YouTube. Until the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to let his mother know the latest situation of the farm, he changed to updating videos every day, which also made the channel suddenly popular.

With the help of his wife and four daughters, Pullen’s YouTube channel now has nearly 77,000 subscribers from all over the world. He shares traffic codes for his tractor, and his dog Biskit is the real star of the channel, both of which are especially beloved by viewers. Pullen even sells Biskit plush toys because of this. He revealed that he earns more money from YouTube every month than he earns from raising cattle. Pullen pointed out that many farmers will open coffee shops or hotels, and he uses YouTuber as a sideline, and he also said that he has met many great people because of this.

Source of information and pictures:mirror

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