March 30, 2023
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Break through the ceiling of CPU turbo frequency! Intel i9-13900KS released: the highest turbo frequency reaches 6GHz, the price is about RM3,860 – TechNave 中文版

Intel finally released the new flagship of the 13th generation Core, which is also the first microprocessor in history to reach a frequency of 6GHz——i9-13900KS

It is reported that the final specifications of the i9-13900KS, mainly the frequency, are different from the previous rumors – the i9-13900KS is 8 large cores + 16 small cores,The highest turbo frequency reaches 6GHzThe basic power consumption is 150W, and the maximum turbo frequency power consumption is 253W


For comparison, the i9-13900K that is now on the market has 8 large cores + 16 small cores, with a maximum turbo frequency of 5.8GHz, a base power consumption of 125W, and a maximum turbo power consumption of 253W.

In addition, it also supports Intel Adaptive Boost Technology (adaptive acceleration frequency) to achieve multi-core turbo frequency improvement. According to the official display, two cores can run to 6GHz.

Intel i9 13900KS 1024x734 1

In terms of price, the price in the Chinese market is 5999 yuan (about RM3,860), and it is now on sale, which is a full 20% higher than the i9-13900K 4999 yuan; the North American price is 699 US dollars (about RM3,029) , which is nearly 19% higher than the i9-13900K $589, which is about the same.

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