March 25, 2023

Be careful when taking e-hailing or taxi to KLIA2!Drivers have to pay an extra RM2 ‘admission fee’, which may be passed on to passengers TechNave

Attention people who are going to fly abroad in the near future! Now choose e-hailing or taxi to go to KLIA2 with an additional RM2 entrance fee.

《Free Malaysia Today》According to reports, the measure has been in operation since last Friday. The company that manages the traffic flow and queuing system of KLIA2 has installed scanning racks on the first floor. Their TnG card pays RM2 to enter the pickup area.

gateway klia2 546

The report also said that the additional charge is understood to be passed on to passengers.The Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) confirmed that the new measure was made by [email protected] Franchise operator SegiAstana, commissioned by RA Consultant Group (RACG), said that all e-hailing and taxi drivers are required to pay RM2 to be allowed to pick up passengers at the airport.

At present, the agency has not announced that the measure has officially started. The chairman of the Grab Drivers Association of Malaysia (GDMA), Arif, described the new fee as an “entrance fee” and did not agree with the introduction of the scanning system. In addition, he called on Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) to allow drivers to park for at least 15 minutes free of charge.

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It is reported that Kuala Lumpur International Airport also imposes a similar “admission fee” of RM10 for taxi drivers and e-hailing drivers, but this fee is only payable if the driver stops for more than five minutes.

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