March 25, 2023
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Bayonetta 3 English dubbing and changing roles caused controversy Platinum studio: hope to stop targeting new dubbing or staff – Hong Kong

The popular Bayonetta series was involved in controversy earlier. The upcoming third episode has replaced the English voice actor of the protagonist, and Hellena Taylor, who was in charge of the first two generations of voice acting, broke the news that her salary was extremely low, which was an insult, causing netizens to talk.

Hellena Taylor, who is responsible for the English dubbing of Bayonetta’s first two episodes, previously called for boycott of the new work on Twitter, saying that the developer only offered her a dubbing fee of $4,000 when developing the third episode, which she believed was such a low salary for her. It was an insult in terms of time, so turned down the job, and developer PlatinumGames (Platinum Games) also replaced the voice of Jennifer Hale.

Later, the incident continued to ferment on the Internet, and many netizens turned to attack Jennifer Hale, saying that she was “the worst market”. She herself later posted a post expressing her support that the dubbing actors should receive the remuneration they still have, and Platinum Studio also issued an announcement stating that they will continue to support Jennifer Hale as the voice of the new work, agree with her speech, and hope that everyone will stop attacking her and other staff. However, the controversy over whether the studio is exploiting dubbing and the underpayment of the game industry is difficult to quell in the short term.

Source: Twitter

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