March 30, 2023
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Baidu Map Switching China Beidou System Priority Positioning and Positioning Volume Exceeds 100 Billion Times for the First Time- Hong Kong

Baidu Map, a subsidiary of Baidu, officially prioritized the use of the domestic Beidou system for positioning, and renamed the original “Baidu Map Intelligent Positioning Open Service” as “Baidu Map Beidou Positioning Open Platform”.

According to Baidu Maps, under the in-depth empowerment of Beidou, it has helped the company to realize many functions such as lane-level navigation and parking-level navigation. The daily positioning volume of Beidou satellites has also exceeded 100 billion times for the first time.

Lane-level navigation can help users obtain real-time information on accident lanes ahead on fast roads, dynamically guide users to avoid dangerous lanes in advance, and create a safer and more comfortable driving experience; parking-level navigation is aimed at the problem that vehicles are difficult to park in the parking lot. There are “Asia’s largest parking lot” in Beijing Huiju Shopping Center and “Asia’s largest integrated railway passenger transport hub” in Beijing Fengtai Station.

It is understood that in addition to map navigation, Baidu Maps Beidou positioning open platform has also served more than 2.55 million developers, including automobile, finance, logistics, tourism, Internet of Things, Internet, life services, etc.

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