March 30, 2023
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AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme 3 GC551G2 High Performance Live Capture Box

For KOLs who like to play video game live broadcasts, a fully functional and high-performance live capture box is indeed very important, which can present the real picture in front of the audience without affecting the smoothness of the video game. AVerMedia recently launched an upgraded version of GC551: Live Gamer Extreme 3 GC551G2, which retains the advantages of the previous generation and adds a lot of more powerful functions. You may wish to consider whether to upgrade?

Higher speed interface supports 4Kp60 HDMI pass-thru

The Live Gamer Extreme 3 GC551G2 (hereinafter referred to as GC551G2) launched by AVerMedia this time is an upgraded version of the previous generation Live Gamer Extreme 2 GC551. It still retains the ultra-low latency features of the previous generation and also retains the 4Kp60 pass-thru function (does not support HDR). ), through the HDMI signal input on the box, you can connect to different game platforms, including: PS4, Xbox One, computer, etc. In addition, the USB interface has also been upgraded from the previous generation 3.1 to the current generation USB 3.2. Users only need a USB cable to connect the GC551G2 with a desktop computer or laptop computer, and can capture ultra-high-definition game video in an uncompressed way to the computer. Video editing or screen sharing, or even connect another HDMI cable to the second screen through the HDMI output port, you can achieve the highest 4Kp60 pass-thru effect, or live or record 1080p60 game content at the same time. At the same time as the live broadcast of the game, the live KOL who wants to “leave the bottom” of the game process is really very convenient to use.

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Added support for mixing functions

In addition to the screen, the current generation GC551G2 also supports the mixing function. The box body is equipped with a 3-Pole 3.5mm audio input and a normal audio input interface, so that users can mix their favorite music with the game itself without an external mixer. Mixing the sound effects of the audio system, or inputting real-time narration through the microphone, not only can save the cost of purchasing peripheral equipment, but also make the live broadcast content more vividly presented to the audience.

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Exclusive live broadcast software for free

In addition to the above functions, the GC551G2 also comes with the exclusive RECentral 4 live broadcast software, which is a set of software that can be used for live broadcast, recording and sharing. When streaming to a live website, it can not only synchronize the video backup, but also strengthen the scene arrangement. , Mixing, Multi-Signal Mode, Chroma Key for background removal, time-shifting for instant editing, and more. Users can not only add personal video footage and favorite images to the layout, but also freely arrange the position, proportion and size, allowing users to easily design unique layouts for personal or even commercial use. In addition, RECentral 4 not only greatly reduces CPU usage, but also supports the simultaneous streaming function of multiple CDN platforms, which is undoubtedly a very convenient design for KOLs who want to stream live to YouTube and Facebook at the same time.

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AVerMedia Live Gamer Extreme 3 GC551G2 Function introduction

  • USB 3.2 High Speed ​​Capture Uncompressed Ultra Low Latency
  • Support 4K pass-thru 4K30 / 1080p60 live recording
  • Provide Audio in & out sound input & output function
  • Free access to the new RECentral 4 powerful software
  • Multi-source input + PIP custom layout + multi-CDN platform simultaneous streaming (YouTube / Facebook dual live broadcast)

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