March 29, 2023

Automakers wait to see Musk on Twitter, GM suspends Twitter ads

Tesla CEO Elon Musk successfully entered Twitter for $44 billion, and Tesla competitor GM immediately announced that it would suspend paid advertising on Twitter.

“We are reaching out to Twitter to understand the development of the platform under new ownership,” GM said in a statement. “Due to significant changes to the media platform, we have temporarily suspended paid advertising, although customer engagement on Twitter will continue.”

Musk publicly sent a “reassurance” to advertisers earlier, emphasizing that it will improve the interactive experience of Twitter ads, so that the content of the ads will not affect the user’s viewing experience, and will also make Twitter a platform for freely expressing opinions and discussions, rather than facing the Strictly restrictive, to ensure that Twitter does not become a platform for people who do not want to run ads.

As for other car companies, including Stellantis and Alphabet-owned Waymo, there was no immediate response to whether they would suspend advertising or stop using the social platform. Electric vehicle startup Nikola said it had no plans to change the platform’s content; Rivian declined to comment.


Image Source:timesofindia

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