June 4, 2023
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Australian university develops solar electric car to complete 1,000 kilometers of continuous driving in 12 hours

An engineering team from the University of New South Wales in Sydney has set a new electric car world record earlier. Their Sunswift 7 solar-powered car traveled a test track and covered 1,000 kilometers on a single charge in 12 hours. To achieve this world record, it is up to the engineering team to make breakthroughs in aerodynamics and efficiency.

The University of New South Wales has been developing solar car technology since 1996. Sunswift 7 is their latest work, with a body weight of only 500kg, equivalent to about a quarter of a Tesla electric car. In order to further reduce the weight of Sunswift 7, engineers did not hesitate to give up the air conditioning system, ABS braking system, airbags, windshield water dials, and many basic functions that are necessary for ordinary cars will not be seen in Sunswift 7. In order to improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce rolling resistance, the Sunswift 7 has a drag coefficient of only 0.095, while the Tesla Model S, which boasts high efficiency and low drag, has a drag coefficient of 0.208.

It took the team two years to make Sunswift 7. As a result, they conducted tests at the Highway Proving Ground of the Australian Automotive Research Center earlier and successfully broke the record for the fastest time for a solar electric vehicle to travel 1,000 kilometers. In addition to overcoming power management issues, the team also had to deal with flat tires and driver changes every few hours. In the end, the Sunswift 7 traveled 1,000 kilometers in 11 hours, 53 minutes and 32 seconds, averaging nearly 85 kilometers per hour. After Guinness World Records officially verified the data, it is believed that Sunswift 7 will be awarded a record-breaking certificate later. The team revealed that Sunswift 7 will participate in the World Solar Challenge held by tire manufacturer Bridgestone next year.

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